Serie A Thread


Basically, in 1982 Fiorentina and Juventus were level on points on the last day of the season – in Fiorentina’s game, they had a goal dubiously disallowed. While in Juve’s game – Catanzaro were denied a clear penalty. Liam Brady then went on to score a late winner for Juve.

Fiorentina fans were furious and constantly refer to them as “thieves”


Sounds typical of Juve tbh


Typical cheating Juventus, tbh.


Sigh Ghoulam, gets a severe injury, recovers from it well ahead from the schedule only to get another severe injury.


Napoli are done, then.


Fuck them! They are our competition in Europe!



Indeed. No chance they are gonna focus on the Europa League with their best full back out for the rest of the season.


Well some people are “sure” that Napoli won’t try in Europe because they want to win the league – and apparently you can’t try in both…

But i’m not so sure. A few of their players have come out and said they’re going to go for it – most recently Mertens.

And if people do believe they won’t try in the EL, what happens if they find the league pulling away from them? Disgard them at your own peril


They don’t have enough depth, especially now that Ghoulam is injured again.


Bernardeschi booed by the home fans, no surprise there.

Could be worse – the fans could riot and set off Molotov cocktails in the street like they did when Roberto Baggio left them to join Juve :laughing:


I proudly have a Fiorentina scarf after visiting there in July, so I guess that makes me a fan! :grinning:


5 minute delay because of VAR

Guy was literally standing on the spot ready to take the penalty for 5 minutes and then the ref said “nah”


Why are they done? Ghoulam hasn’t played since early november and they are still leading.


We are entering in the key moment of the season and they can’t have only Mario Rui as LB.


Meanwhile, Juventus 0-0 at HT.


I’m not sure their season is going to collapse because Ghoulam will remained injured…


I meant their depth is poor. Milik is also injured.


Why didn’t they purchase couple of players in Jan to assure their chances?
Were they taking notes from Arsenal?


Bernardeschi. Wow. Celebrated like a mad man too.

May need a guard upon his exit.

I think when Baggio played against Fiorentina after leaving them, he refused to take a penalty and when he left the pitch he put a Fiorentina scarf on. Clearly the same can not be said of Bernardeschi


They tried to sign multiple wingers in January, not sure what happened with Deulofeu but Verdi said he didn’t want to move in January.