Serie A Thread


Sampdoria-Lazio 0-0 at HT. Balanced game atm.
Parolo hits the post for Lazio.
1-0 Zapata. Completely unmarked in the box. Lazio starting to run out of fuel after a great start.
Sampdoria should have killed the game off in some occasions. Lazio not in the game.
1-0 Zapata

1-1 Milinkovic-Savic. Another mistake at the back

What a shit goal to concede! Absolutely free in the box. 2-1 Caicedo.

2-1 Lazio FT. Good win after some shaky games.


Gattuso, the gift that keeps on giving


Inter Milan singing Jingle Bells/Inter Bells :rofl:


I’d rather see gattuso than half the pricks these days, read people’s stories about him he was a real character in the dressing room.

But I agree about mendy and batshuayi they’re funny as fuck. Huge contrast to most of the players whose twitter posts are as rehearsed as their post-match interview responses.


As expected, Berlusconi sold the club to a fraud.


Yeah it seems like they don’t actuallg have any money and I can’t see this ending well.


Dybala out against Inter! :cech:
What a double chance for Juventus! First Handanovic saves on Mandzukic, the Miranda clears off the line.


Dybala is the only reason I tune in. Disgraceful! :hipster:

Douglas Costa benched too, quite surprising, he has been their best player recently. I thought Marchisio would get the nod over Khedira too.


Allegri wants to match Inter physically.


Benatia booked for a nasty foul on Icardi.
Uh! Dangerous ball in the middle from Candreva. Chiellini clears it. Very even game so far.
Handanovic very safe on Khedira. It wasn’t an easy shot, as it had 2 rebounds before Inter’s goalie blocked it.
Higuain and Perisic booked.
Juventus getting their grip on the game now. Inter can’t pass the ball anymore.
Mandzukic hits the bar! Him and Cuadrado linking up well.
0-0 HT. Very even game for 30 minutes, then Juventus have dominated.


Sexy time. PD winner incoming.

Allegri going for it now


Another chance for Mandzukic!
Cuadrado’s crosses are like razors today :giroud2:
Inter are being battered now. They can’t come out of their box.
But now Icardi almost scores. You just can’t leave him alone.
Take a bow son! Handanovic is just a wall in this game.
Santon should be off here. In fact he goes off, but injured :smile:
Khedira closes!
Handanovic saves on Khedira now. Fucking outstanding performance tonight.
Inter are starting to show more courage now.
Khedira off for Dybala.


A better point for Inter than for Juve. But it’s not the end of the world. That’s five consecutive clean sheets for Juve now, isn’t it?

And Viola will do them a favour tomorrow, by beating Napoli :sunglasses:


Chance for Brozovic. Not that wide.
Juventus would have deserved to win, but Inter were rock solid at the back, exactly what you need to win the league. What a difference compared with last season where they conceded goals for fun. Handanovic is a top keeper when he is on fire.


Very difficult, tbh :poldi:


Roma 0-0 against Chievo. 2 points dropped for them in the title race.
Very, very poor first half from Napoli. They are a shadow of their former self.


Why would you want this to happen? Napoli are the only team that can possibly stop juve. Sure I also like dybala but if you want juve to win anything you might as well be a manutd fan.


What a chance for Mertens! He thought to be offside, tbh.
Napoli have officially run out of fuel. Only 0-0 against Fiorentina.


Ha. I wanted Fiorentina to win because I adopted them as my Italian team… mainly because they played in purple, but now I do actually quite enjoy watching them. Was a decent game despite being 0-0.

I would prefer Napoli to win the league instead of Juve, but I don’t think they will. They have slowed down quite a bit recently. Perhaps other teams have figured them out or it could be because there is no strength in depth – a couple of injuries and they’re a different team. No Insigne or Ghoulam, no party.


Ahhhh okay let you off then. Yeah they (Napoli) don’t really have a plan B and if you just sit rather than press then they struggle.