Serie A Thread


Juventus creating some dangerous chances and being in control of the game atm.


I hear Bonucci has not been great for Milan since joining. What gives?


Exposed in a tactically flawed set up, doesn’t have the chemistry he had with chiello and barzagli at Juve, romagnoli hasn’t been fully fit yet, and zapata and abate are useless defensively. But true, you’d expect more from him rewlly. Still a good captain nonetheless.


Juventus 0-0 at HT. Should have really taken the lead.
Sampdoria close to the 2nd! Great save by Szczesny!
YES! Juventus getting a big hammering! 3-0! Lucas Torreira is a magician!


Juve getting spanked!

Napoli for the Scudetto! Best chance in many years.


Penalty to Juventus.Fatty scores.
Benevento got fucked in the last minutes of the game again :arteta:
FFS! 3-2 Dybala.
Phew! 3-2 Sampdoria FT!


Benevento!!! So close to a first point! :see_no_evil:

Witchcraft at its finest!


Even game in Inter-Atalanta.
2 great chances in a row for Icardi.
Inter misplacing a lot of passes in the middle. Not looking good for them.
0-0 at HT. This Inter side are very boring.
Always him. 1-0 Icardi.
Petagna on.
Icardi the killer. 2-0.
2-0 FT for Inter. They are still 2 points behind Napoli.


:giroud3: Absolutely savage.


Is Szczesny playing much for the old lady? And how’s he doing?


Not playing too much and doing ok.


Inter play Cagliari now.
Cagliari have started with a great intensity.
What a save by Handanovic! Wow!
Handanovic to the rescue again. Cagliari can’t keep it up.
Guess who scored for Inter. Maurito!
Another big chance for Icardi.

Handanovic’s save

Icardi’s goal

1-0 Inter at HT. Harsh result for Cagliari.


2-0 Brozovic. Inter are a machine.

Wow! Some golazo by Cagliari! Game on!

He is just a beast. Icardi with a brace.

Cancelo on. Forgot he still existed!
Icardi is just unbelievable in what he does.
3-1 FT for Inter. They are top atm.


Jorginho misses a penalty for Napoli against Udinese, but then scores on the rebound.
Napoli up at HT, while Roma and Milan draw.
Roma score with El Shaarawy.
Penalty to Genoa. 1-1 and De Rossi got sent off.
Callejon bottles the chance to make it 2-0.
Napoli win and keep the top. Roma and Milan draw, instead.


Lazio up against Fiorentina. de Vrij.

Lazio 1-0 up at HT.


Lazio have put together a really interesting group of players. Too bad it’s hard to root for the club as an institution due to their terrible past (and current) behavior of the fans.


Benito’s sons :xhaka:


Fiorentina equalize right at the end! Big blow to Lazio in the title race.


Matuidi close to give Juventus the lead against Crotone.
All Juventus atm, but Crotone defend well.
Juventus 0-0 at HT. They have failed to have any clear chance.
1-0 Mandzukic.

Good goal by De Sciglio. 2-0.

1-0 Benatia.

3-0 Juventus FT. Napoli up next :giroud3:


Milan sack Montella and that was the right thing to do. But they replace him with Gattuso, which is the wrong thing to do.