Serie A Thread


sell to who though, who will keep on buying a team that is underachieving with a huge amount of money constantly been spent on the squad. Is their income good in comparison to their outgoings? I guess someone would buy because of their name and history but they seem like a club which used to be massive…i am scared this could happen to Arsenal a big club that fades away like Livepool and these lot we have to act.


Sell players not the club lol

AC Milan general manager Marco Fassone has said the club may need to sell “one or two top players” if they fail to qualify for the Champions League.


oh i see,i thought they wanted to just sell up and move on (didnt read the article) That isnt a great option either as they could fall further down.


Roma leading Bologna at HT.
Tight win for Roma.




It’s to hold those extra large trousers up!


Well, he looks a bit fat, tbh.


I just found it funny :slight_smile:


Benevento are embarassing. Another defeat, this time 5-1 against Lazio.


It’s OK, things can only get better for Benevento, they are playing Juventus in Turin next week… If it wasn’t at the same time as Man City v Arsenal i’d defo watch that, gonna be a mauling.

Benevento are possibly the worst team to ever play in Serie A!


Napoli still at the top after beating Sassuolo 3-1. Mertens with another goal.


Lucas Torreira!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I absolutely love this little guy.

Torreira’s only 5’6 and he runs the midfield, It’s surely only a matter of time before one of the big clubs come knocking.


Borja Valero puts Inter up. Great run in the box.
Inter 1-0 up at HT. Nothing to worry about for them, as Verona are shit.


Handanovic smh. Clumsy challenge to give a penalty away. 1-1.
Perisic is specialist in scoring with a rocket. 2-1.
Almost 2-2. Inter a bit shaky at the back.
2-1 FT for Inter. Back in the 2nd place.


The top 5 are all being so consistent this season, must be a massive gulf between them and the bottom half of the league.


Yeah, think it’s gonna be Napoli vs. Juventus in the end though.


I’m afraid Inter is going to fall off eventually because they are a bit too dependant on Icardi for goals.

Would be massive if Napoli pulls an Atletico.


Sampdoria win the Derby della Lanterna and keep their good 6th position.


Inter 0-0 at HT against Torino.


It’s all about Fiorentina v Roma. I should sack off City Arsenal for that to be honest. Would probably have a better time.