Serie A Thread


Inter being dominated at home by Lazio atm.
0-0 at HT. Lazio have been the better team and should be ahead. Inter too casual and don’t know what to do with the ball on their feet.
Inter still struggling. Good save from Handanovic.
Inter have yet to shoot on target today.
0-0 FT. There are gonna be ET. Absolutely crap game overall.
Finally Lazio score!

Penalty to Inter right at the end of ET! :cech: 1-1 Icardi. Penalties now.

Lazio are through.


Inter :arteta: :facepalm:


I wish serie a was going the same way as the coppa this year…


Conte is probably gonna replace Spalletti at the end of the season.


Juventus haven’t really had too many impressive performances this season. Can see them going out to Atleti and the CR7 factor hasn’t really worked for them. They’ve looked disjointed recently and are desperately in need of a new CB and a CM with creative abilities. Pjanic isn’t good enough, Matuidi has a specific role in the team but doesn’t have the requisite qualities to get the ball into dangerous areas and Bentancur is inconsistent and doesn’t seem to have a position in the team.

The fact that the team rely heavily on Chiellini, Mandzukic and CR7 who are all between 33-35 says a lot about the quality of the team at the moment.


And says even more that they’re still way ahead in the league…


Empoli-Chievo, Napoli-Sampdoria and Juventus-Parma today. We are gonna lose badly lol!
Chievo 2-1 up at HT.

1-0 Chievo

2-0 Chievo

2-1 Empoli

2-2 FT.

Napoli 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Napoli

2-0 Napoli

3-0 Napoli FT.
Juventus dominating the game, but we are holding it quite well.
Lol! Should have stayed quiet. 1-0 Ronaldo.

Thanks god that wasn’t penalty to Juventus because it would have been criminal.
1-0 Juventus at HT. Expected game, with Juventus dominating it.
Juventus hit another post.
Oh! Bad control from Inglese or he would have been clear on goal.
Nice save from Sepe on Khedira.
2-0 Juventus and game over.

No! It’s on! Barillà!

3-1 the cocky fucker.


What a chance for Inglese to equalize.


Parma madnessssss!! @Luca_from_Italy


Fantastic, killing the evil empire what a guy Gervais!!!


The forehead still doing big tings


Spal-Torino, Genoa-Sassuolo, Udinese-Fiorentina, Inter-Bologna and Roma-Milan today.


Shit! I was watching this game on Freeview. At 1-0 and 50-odd mins I thought it was over and switched the telly off


Juventus were missing their whole defence so it was never really over.


Spal 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.

Sassuolo up against Genoa.

1-1 Genoa

Both Udinese and Genoa draw at HT.
Udinese score.

1-1 Fiorentina

Both Udinese and Genoa draw.
Bologna up against Inter lol!

Inter down at HT.
They fucking lost :facepalm:
Piatek is a killer.


Wow this fucking ref, just obstruct a man no problem it’s not a foul.


1-1 Zaniolo

1-1 FT.


Paqueta :giroud2:


Nothing special atm. Just ok. Piatek is the real deal.


Frosinone-Lazio and Cagliari-Atalanta today.
Lazio up at HT.

Lazio win.
Atalanta 0-0 at HT.
Atalanta up!

Atalanta win and are 5th in the table, just 1 points behind the 4th spot.