Serie A Thread


Wenger DOF, Mourinho coach. It could be the most beautiful sight in the world.

Mourinho: “I need a centre back to complete”
Wenger: “We are monitoring Koscielny”


Mourinho “OMG I have to work with a specialist in failure”
Wenger “OMG I have to work with a specialist in failure”
Mourinho “Shut up”
Wenger “You Shut up”

handbags insue

Gazidis “Mourinho do you want to be sacked twice in a week”


Milan’s bad week continues. Losing at home to a team who hadn’t won a football match since September!


Gattuso still has a job because Milan are in the shout for CL football but that’s literally only because Lazio and Roma have been poor this season.

He has to go if Milan want to move forward. Conte is literally on the market.


The Milanista who lives in my living room is looking more and more depressed every week. Something permanently died inside him that night they went out in the EL group to that greek side they just had to not lose by 2 goals to and then did just that. @Gio can probably relate


Watching Milan continue to shit the bed is pretty entertaining, especially now that they have Gazids on their staff. Hopefully his terrible track record of selling players extends to us poaching some decent players from their team. I wouldn’t mind having a look at Ricardo Rodriguez. With Hector injured he fills our need in defense and handsome man with a ponytail. :henry2:


I’d take Mourinho over him at this point.


Think he still has a lot to offer but I’m not sure he goes there given how highly revered he is at Inter.


I think Milan is the sort of club where he needs to go to revitalise his career. Steeped in history, underperforming, need a significant name to come in and boost them, and a relative amount of money to spend compared to their competitors.

Of course his ego will get the better of him and he’ll return to Madrid and set fire to the place once more


Honestly with the way things are with those clubs, the fans will eventually get over it.

What with Leonardo, Ronaldo, Pirlo, Seedorf, Baresi, etc. etc. It seems to happen a lot.


Players move between the Big 3 teams in Italy way more freely than other leagues. I’m with @Electrifying on this one. People would get over it.


Luckily I’m at work so haven’t witnessed it but that europa exit was horrible. Everyone’s injured sure but we play such poor football, I love, love Gattuso but tactically he’s very limited. He should be a coach not a manager.


@Gio thoughts on Donnarumma this year? I’ve been weirdly underwhelmed. I know he’s probably still too young to buy beer so I shouldn’t be too hard on him but do you think he’s fallen off a bit?


He lost us the final last year, he’s error prone for sure then makes other huge saves it’s weird!


You’ve basically described the job he just left :unai:


Yeah I also love Gattuso but I echo your sentiment. You are due for a ‘bigger’ managerial name by now.


Koulibaly has extended his contract with Napoli. 6 million euros a year and no release clause! Gonna take a massive offer to get him out of there, £120m or something ridiculous. We’d have to sell the Emirates :smile:


Sell it then. rebuild Highbury. Then maybe Lengooner comes back to OA as well :blush:


Knocking on the people doors who live in Highbury now like sorry mate your gonna have to leave as we kinda need this place back. We sold our stadium for a CB from Napoli


We could be homeless like Spurs and just play wherever we feel like!