Serie A Thread


Speaking of Napoli. Ancelotti is having quite a good start at that club. I remember there were voices about him being past it, but at this point it’s going well for them.


Yeah, think I have to ask for forgiveness from Carletto for doubting him.

It turns out Bayern players were just dicks, I really should have just trusted my instincts with that.

But cmon OA, what a crazy story. Does nobody have an opinion on that from the Napoli doctors??? I’ll never slate Arsenal’s medical team again


He is a pragmatic manager who is using what he has at his disposal in the best way.


The story came from a Dutch paper and I’ve read it a couple of days ago and reacted to it on a Dutch forum. But it’s really bad.

You still could be right :wink:, but the start has been really promising.


I did mean to comment, it’s proper messed up. I don’t really understand why he didn’t seek an outside opinion though. Maybe I’m just a crank but I question everything doctors tell me (I don’t have to see doctors very often thankfully).

So I would have been asking the basis for his opinion on why it was diet related. What tests had been run etc etc. If I feel like shit I want to figure out why. I don’t get why he didn’t. Maybe he had a good reason.


Yeah fair. It seems like Napoli wouldn’t let him get a second opinion until he finally managed to and they fixed him.


He stated in the interview that he wasn’t allowed by the club and the club doctor to get a second opinion in first instance. After a while when he got a second opinion he wasn’t allowed to be operated (twice). He only got the operation when he left on loan for Carpi.


Yeah I get he “wasn’t allowed” but they also couldn’t have actually stopped him. I’m sure other considerations entered his head and his contract says blah blah but he was not been taken care of and was being called a liar. I’d have taken my chances.


Udinese - Roma, Juventus - Spal and Inter - Frosinone today.
All the big teams should win.
Roma 0-0 at HT.
Udinese up!

Massive win for Udinese in their fight to avoid relegation.
Juventus up at HT. CR7 as usual.

2-0 Juventus FT.

Inter already up. Nice goal.

1-0 Inter at HT.
3-0 Inter FT.

2-0 Inter

3-0 Inter


Parma - Sassuolo, Bologna - Fiorentina, Empoli -Atalanta, Napoli - Chievo, Lazio - Milan and Genoa - Sampdoria today.
GERVINHO! He is having such a great season!

Parma are playing really well. Should have been 2-0 here.
2-0! WOW!

Very soft penalty to Sassuolo FFS! 2-1.


What’s with the red sticker on the players’ cheeks?

Also great performance from Balde there.


Parma leading at HT. Great performance so far!


We are still in total control. Need the third though.


Red face paint is to bring awareness to violence against women.


YES! 6th now after beating Sassuolo! This team is just fantastic and D’Aversa is showing to be a very good young manager.


Don’t get too comfortable, you’re not finishing above Fiorentina :hipster:


Let’s see at the end of the season. We are doing much better than expected atm.


True. Maybe we’ll see Parma v Arsenal in the Europa League next season :laughing:


Atalanta up.

2-0 Atalanta

Empoli pull one back.

Atalanta leading at HT, while all the others draw.


Napoli struggling against Chievo :cech:. Still 0-0.
2-2 Empoli!

What a shot from Insigne! He hits the post!
Koulibaly would have scored a great goal here.
3-2 Empoli! Great comeback!

Only 0-0 for Napoli. First positive point for Chievo :smile:. Empoli win, instead. Bologna-Fiorentina 0-0.