Serie A Thread


Napoli got thrashed 5-0 by Liverpool. Long season ahead for Carlo.


As much as it pains me to say it, I think Napoli’s window to unseat Juventus is closed. :facepalm:

ADL is busy talking a ton of shit to RadioKissKiss, they need another striker big time and I’m not sure how their midfield will cope without Jorginho. Maybe Hamsik is coached into the second coming of Pirlo (with worse hair) in a super deep role?


Surprised that Carlo has accepted the job knowing it would have been a tough season. Napoli’s chance went away last season.


Molto molto bene



This fucker finally off @Luca_from_Italy



Good news


Absolutely innocent so it’s the right end to this farce.


Roma Twitter at it again.


Spalleti has renewed his contract with Internazionale until 2021. I’m very curious to see if they manage to get a top two finish on their own strength since Trappatoni’s Serie A win lol. Napoli doesn’t seem be better and Roma is Roma.


One day Dybala is going to look at me the way he looks at Ronaldo :heart_eyes:


That has to be the worst Juve home ever. They just look like a Real Madrid tribute act this season


Is Dybala captain?


He was in the friendly, but Chiellini is the club captain, Dybala is vice captain


No, he just has a really shit tattoo.


Which unfortunate player was ordered to give up the #7 to Ronny?


Cuadrado… though he insisted he wasn’t ordered – he felt “blessed” to hand it over as it’s always better to give than receive :laughing:


Ask Kroenke to buy him :arteta: :mustafi:



The other games will be played.