Serie A Thread


Selling a young talented CB for a 31 years old :facepalm:


AS Roma are just the best. Not only do they have beautiful kits and are based in a beautiful city but they have a great PR team too :joy:


First round up:

Atalanta-Frosinone; Bologna-Spal; Chievo Verona-Juventus: Empoli-Cagliari; Lazio-Napoli; Milan-Genoa; Parma-Udinese; Sampdoria-Fiorentina; Sassuolo-Inter; Torino-Roma

2nd round-up:

Napoli-Milan and Juventus-Lazio

3rd round up:


Cracking start. So many big games in the first month.






Roma’s english twitter account is one of the best out there.


Serie gon b LIT
Opinions on Lautaro too pls


Serie A>>>La Liga next season.


Next season? It was better than La Liga last season, what with it having an actual title race and Dybala :sunglasses:


Is he available? Get him Wenga, I mean Emma.


He’s already to Internazionale it seems.


Shucks. Quite a decent player


Today #Juventus and #Milan will finalize the deal for Caldara, Bonucci and #Higuain (@DiMarzio)

— Francesco Porzio (@fraporzio95) 31 juli 2018

No Chelsea for Higuain than.


Or Rugani I’d imagine.


True. It’s getting even better this season though.


Serie A will be awesome again when teams can compete with Juve. It’s why I’m hoping for a revival in the fortunes of Milan and Inter. I still don’t see Roma or Napoli proving much of a challenge for Juventus this season


Apart from that post-Calciopoli period Internazionale never has been a factor in Serie A title races on the regular. They have made noise on the transfermarkt with Ronaldo/Vieri but it always has been a two team League.


That’s true for the most part, although I’ve read great things about them under Helanio Herrera in the 60s/70s. I hope that their new owners lift the club up to the level with Juventus though, I’m not sure about how much wealth they have but they seem to have the cash available to invest.

Serie A especially needs a strong Milan though. It would be like having La Liga with a strong Madrid and a weak Barca, it just losses all its glory.



Ah hope it happens. I want to see Inter rise up the ladder again.

Serie A is going to be interesting next season. Just hope the UK coverage is good and Eleven Sports don’t fuck it up! They still haven’t announced how we’ll be able to watch it and cost etc.