Serie A Thread


Wow! Juventus thinking big this season. They are desperate to win the Champions League.


Carry On Cheating

Sucks. Was looking forward to seeing Fiorentina in the EL


First time i see Court of Arbitration overturning a ban. It seems the new american owners have worked their magic in just few days :xhaka:


Good news @Luca_from_Italy Hopefully the 5 points don’t damage you too much, but at least you’re allowed to stay


Bollocks. We have done absolutely nothing to get this sanction.




:goat: .


Has he taken a shit yet? Christ! So boring. Everything is about him right now :xhaka:


Why? Are you interested in collecting a sample? :henry2:


Have to say Ronaldo’s committment to his fitness is inspiring. I would be surprised if there is anyone fitter than him.

And when you see Luke Shaw being worse than an average Joe in fitness, you respect the dedication even more.


Judging by those pictures in the Man U thread, he looks about as fit as average Jose


Juve totally focused on the short term it seems.

Madness imo

Caldara Romagnoli tho… :giroud2:


Wait so Juve want to buy Bonucci back a year after they sold him?!


So they’ve bought Gazidis in for his expertise at selling a clubs best players?


Bonucci back at Juventus with Allegri? Nearly impossible. They should keep Caldara.


Doesn’t sound like it lol. Apparently his family has moved back to Turin.

Also Milan being idiots again for spending big money on the fatso. Should let Chelsea take him, they need wingers. Cutrone is fine for now and they should look to offload Silva while he still has some value.

They need wingers desperately imo.



Unbelievable. Milan making MOVES.

Higuain I’m not sure of at all, but Caldara and him for Bonucci and some cash I assume would be amazing.

Leonardo been confirmed:

And he’s already pulling a masterstroke lol


If Juventus give away a young defender of Caldara’s quality to bring back a 31 year old then that is lunacy.


Plus they would be likely losing Rugani too, meanwhile Barzagli gets an extension.

Incredible short-termism.