Secret Cinema

Have any of you ever been to the Secret Cinema events in London?

I’ve been offered tickets to the Casino Royale showing on Saturday but I have absolutely no idea what to expect!

@Dr_Strangepass went I think the other day.

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It’s brilliant! Have been to 28 Days Later, Moulin Rouge and Casino Royale.

Advise arriving at the very start of Casino Royale if possible (6pm I think?) as there is a lot of activities to do prior to it. You’ll be part of a mock investigation, so get dressed up and get involved - you won’t be disappointed! Also, print out your business cards provided on the website platform before going down. You’ll get some extra cash for the poker games / bribing staff to get in the best bars.

Was very fun - enjoy!

Very interesting! Do they actually show the movie or is it all interactive with just a few scenes here and there?

I’m wondering if I need to watch casino royale again beforehand in case they don’t screen the whole movie and I’m left disappointed :joy:

They screen the whole thing with some live actors etc.

No need to do any revision!

Yes its worth going. What would you like to know.


Dos and donts, do they show the whole movie, what rooms are the best rooms etc.

Give me your overall impressions

Well you’ll have two choices really. Either just walk around and look at all the rooms, and make your own fun, drinking, eating etc. or else follow a mission. My wife and I enjoyed it more when we began doing a mission. You’ll get email instructions prior to attending, and once there (after getting a drink), you should go straight to the area set up like an airport lobby to meet your contact. Do remember the name of the first person you are told to find, as I totally forgot and the actors can be really annoying and unhelpful if you cannot remember anything or get into character at all. So just be brave enough to approach the actors. You’ll be sent first to Madagascar (you’ll want to talk to one of the singers), then from there you go to Q branch, which is pretty cool, and then you’ll head to Venice to find some women, but at that point we ran out of time and the actors will invent something to lead everyone into the main hall. The benefit of doing the mission right from the start is it will allow you to avoid the queuing up to talk to the characters, and give you time to stop and play some cards or something, which we didn’t do. Frustratingly, as it’s Casino Royale, there isn’t much casino action at all, except for in a few small rooms, so probably have a little go at that. Also, the quicker you get on with the mission, the quicker you can get out of Madagascar, which is kind of shit. And once you finish step 1 it felt pretty easy. If you just plan on wondering about I’d recommend Q branch and the upstairs bars, and eating in the Venice area.

My best tip is when you are led into the main hall you’ll see singers on the stage and at the opposite end a giant curtain which lures you into thinking the screen is behind it. It isn’t! Thankfully, someone tipped us off to this so we lingered by the big curtain and when the curtain opens, behind is the seats, allowing you to grab one in the front. This is good because lots of people complained that sitting in the middle was really hot, the whole night was really hot, and sitting to the right facing the screen is next to a noisy bar. So linger by the middle of the curtain for best seats. Yes they show the whole film, sound quality a bit poor, but still a fun experience. The biggest cheer of the night was Bond coming out of the sea in his trunks haha. Very funny. Also worth making an effort with your costume as most men are, obviously, in suit and bow tie, and women in gorgeous outfits. Overall decent. Definitely worth it. Drinks are sensible price. Don’t linger in Madagascar. VIP tickets get you no real privilege. Stay by the big curtain!

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Woof woof sounds great, I’m really looking forward to this now


Alternatively, avoiding Madagascar altogether, you can ring the number on a business card you are given at the start from the pay phones near Miami Airport - you will then be told to look out for an actor holding the Guardian who will lead you to the Q branch to begin your mission.

Remember your alias - my date got taken into an interrogation room in Q when she got her name wrong and I was forced to watch… pretty funny but avoidable!

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@RichardDeP @Dr_Strangepass

How important was doing the mission?

Since it’s my manager giving me his two tickets, he’s already logged in etc. and doesn’t fancy giving me his log in details to his personal email which is fair haha

Can we still have a good time if we don’t know anything about the various aliases and mission objectives etc.?

Alternatively do you remember any of the details? I know you can choose to be like a venture capitalist or a music producer etc.

But aside from that I’m not sure

It’s not important but it certainly improves the whole experience. Your manager can surely just give you the details / print out the business cards? Not really much to do otherwise.

I was called Jacques Bellinger and I was a media mogul, with teal as my accessory colour. Feel free to use that if your boss isn’t being malleable.

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That stuff isn’t important at all. I was a media mogul with the assigned colour teal. I ended up going along with my wife who was assigned blue. It literally doesn’t matter, just do any old mission, and just remember your name and make up some scant background story, none of the actors will know who you’re meant to be anyway.