Sead Kolašinac (signed, sealed, delivered)



My preference for a Monreal replacement / upgrade would be Rodriguez or Mendy, but I’ve seen enough Schalke games over recent seasons to rate picking him up on a free.

Sell Monreal and keep Gibbs as backup maybe (poor Gibbs). Feel like the lad is too nice to demand a transfer away to resurrect his career


He looks like a real powerhouse who isn’t afraid of a 50-50, should add some grit to the side. 3.6 interceptions per game and 2.9 tackles per game. Stat DNA signing this one.

Seems to be able to get his head up and pick a pass. Who’s going to be out, Gibbs or Monreal?

Pleased with this as it saves money for other signings

I think Rodriguez looks a little slow for a PL FB


Apparently close to joining United in 2014 but did his cruciate ligament. Can play RB, CB, DM


Why the fuck would you want assurances the fraud is staying?

Not onto the best of starts with the fans is he?


He plays for Gelsenkirchen. Ambition is not something he’s used to. :santi2:


Problem i have is, Wenger staying…


He’s a good player and was heavily linked to a lot of Italian teams. My Bosnian friend rates him highly (naturally).


Yeah, because Dortmund in the last years, instead :hipster:


I love sneaky tough eastern european guys. They take no shit :wink:


It’s pretty much just a fanatic thing to come up with childish names to call Wenger, like fraud ect. People in the industry respect him. As we’ve been saying over and over again, Arsene is still a draw for players.


People in the industry don’t see their team being raped several times again. Without lube.

And it’s for certain players.


Draws them here then proceeds to waste their careers, he may have a draw but look at the likes of Xhaka some blistering shots etc now he doesn’t shoot, Wenger brings the fucking players here with certain attributes then decides to destroy them. Come here as a decent defender then can’t defend for shit, comes here with a lethal shot then told to walk the ball in and don’t shoot from more than 10 yards away…decent CM 1st season they are good they spend a bit of time with Wenger then they are no longer good at what they used to do instead they are shit at 3 other things Wenger has got them doing and because of this they no longer have time or scope in the game to do what they used to be good at so become shit at everything instead of doing 1 good thing well…fucking sick of it. How many decent players have we had now that start off well then for some ‘odd reason’ they stop doing what they were good at and look like a fucking useless sack of shit, it can’t be ALL of our squad that go this way it has to have a common denominator!


Xhaka had a long shot against West Ham and averages a shot per game. How many shots per game do you want him to average?


Just as childish to constantly call Liverpool “Lolpool” :wink::+1:



Assuming he’s as good as I’ve read he is and this isn’t bullshit, this is brilliant business. Priority need in the squad filled with a free transfer!



Never seen him play but if people who know him are happy then I’m happy!


You know Wenger is gonna ruin him like he has done with Xhaka :mustafi:


Probably just another Xhaka :wink: