Scum vs Arsenal (PL)

Sunday 12th July, 2020 - 16:30


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Scum win

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We are on the verge of the first St Totteringham’s day in 4 years. If we can win this it would build a lot of goodwill for Arteta going into next season. I don’t even wanna think about the bad taste it’s gonna leave if we lose. I’m really tired of the shit lineups Arteta is hampering himself with. Hope he wises up for this.


This ^^ is my dream where we’d have all our best players out there and the best chance to dominate and win.

What we will see:


More uninspiring football hoping to scrape a point most likely.


Yeah I’m going to go with a 1-1 draw with neither side having the balls to really go for it late on.


Hoping Arteta fully understands the importance of this game.

I think he will, having played in quite a few himself.
It might be Mourinho who doesn’t quite understand the rivalry but he doesn’t like us or our supporters so he’ll be winding his players up to get them to do what it takes to beat us.

I’d settle for a draw and a good performance.
A win for them and they’ll go above us and if we win we’re five points ahead of them.
A draw seems a likely result but a win, considering our next game is Liverpool, would be ideal.

6-0 Arsenal. Fuck the spuds!


Problem is I can see Mourinho setting his team up to shithouse their way to a result playing up to their nastiest traits as a team and try and kick us off the park. Coupled with the fact that old lispy always seems to score against us !?

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I think that will definitely happen.
I also think, if they don’t win, Mourinho will almost certainly mention that they had two games in four days, while we had a lot longer since our previous game.

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No doubt about that. As DB10 said, he’s played in a few, plus he’s been involved with intense derbies in Manchester.

We’ll be alright here. 1-3.


we better win this game

And Glasgow and Merseyside ones.

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Arsenal to win 5-1. Aubameyang hat-trick, Mustafi header and Bellerin bicycle kick.

son and lloris to have a fight again?

We have to beat this lot! They’re useless!

I feel Arteta will go with an Auba, Pepe and Saka frontline, but with either Pepe or Saka through the middle for some insane reason.

I’ve voted spurs purely because this is, yet again Monaco, everyone supremely confident of an easy win for you guys, just now will only end one way usually.

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The fact that the easy win doesn’t happen, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have been an easy win ;).

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Teddy sheringham should be at the bottom of everyone’s list.

Skeletor looking cunt


Blimey old muckers it’s come around again.
I hope you are all well and keeping your peckers up in these disturbing times , l’m on a pint of cockles a day keeps the virus sway.
Really we under Mourinho are utter clueless , play football that makes George Graham teams look like Brazil 70. Honestly your better off having a night out with the mother in law than watching us. It’s so painful and with a tight dome head 4ft Levy keeping it under the mattress the future is one piss pot.
Average at best or a complete fuck up .
That Spanish bloke ( is his Barnet a brillo pad ?)has made you better , more organized , not brilliant but an improvement. I still think your a long way from top 4 but your on the up even with a prime Chav curly reject headcase in the heart of the defence. Your still stuck with that syrup wearing Yank geezer so nothing is perfect.
Our only chance is a miracle and form goes out the window, we could bore you to death but

really football without atmosphere/crowds doesn’t have any real edge, so hopefully the hurt won’t last so long.

All the best ,
my old treacles .
( Self Isolating at the Cock n bull )


sup legend \o

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