Scum thread


Brighton away at weekend a tricky game too.


In 50 years time their fans will look back at this 3-4 year period as one of their best in their history. And they won FAK ALL !




For a club like Tottenham 3rd, 2rd and 3rd in consecutive seasons is pretty big. I’m not sure why the trophy stuff is kept bringing brought up. For their stature and what they did those are genuine accomplishments.


Because its Tottenham :wink:


You can’t really be talking about power shifts and all that if you’ve won fuck all tbh.

Also, won less than your rivals in that time.


It keeps being brought up because we hate Tottenham and need to have something we can hold over them in this period of them clearly being better than us. Basic rivalry stuff.

There’s a time and a place for rationality and being completely fair, and this isn’t it :slightly_smiling_face:


For 6th best club in the league, it is really not.
Especially when few clubs in that 6 were in slumps in those seasons.

It’s an admirable achievement but no reason to hype it too much.


I’m probably way to rational for this rivalry thing. Just don’t get it :grin:.


It’s easier to be rational when the team you’re talking about don’t pose a threat. Spurs to me look like they’re on the brink of collapse so I find it easy to go on about how they’re doing ok for what they are. Liverpool on the other hand look massively on the up and the admiration for them is making me sick so I’ll take any opportunity to poke holes in them and talk them down even though rationally I know they are seriously strong unit.


You must be the only arsenal fan in the world that doesn’t hate spurs haha


I wish I was the same.
I would rather finish above spurs than in the top four.
I know that is irrational, but them being above us again is too much.


i dont get all this: “be fair, be objective” “be rational”
No thank you very much. Im an Arsenal fan and support nobody but the mighty Arsenal.

I want the worst for my rivals and if that means bashing them unrationaly, then so be it.

Spuds last trophy was the Mickey Mouse cup in 2008. Liverpools last trophy was the Mickey Mouse cup in 2011. Thats all that matters.


That’s ok, neither does flakeyboy, I tried to explain it to him once that it is normal for a fan to still think his team is better than a team that finishes above their team in the league because that’s how fans often view things, they’re biased, flakeyboy thought that was for idiots. I’m with LordBendtner though, I like not being rational when it comes to these things :grin: especially when it comes to disliking Spurs and United.


I don’t blame you, I don’t really understand how anyone outside of London can truly hate Spurs. I certainly care a lot less since I left. They’re really not a big enough club that you come into contact with their supporters that much, but when you’re constantly seeing them at work or school or family gatherings and having to listen to their bullshit you really just want to see them fail miserably.


“Almost got a point in San Siro” :rofl:



If Flakey Boy is the best you can come up with then I pity you. Glad to see you’re not holding the most pathetic of grudges though :+1:


Haha flakey boy. Took me way too long to get it.


I didn’t come up with flakeyboy :slight_smile: someone else did, can’t remember where I read it but it’s on here somewhere, no point in being salty, no grudges held, relax.