Scum thread


Been a long tine since I’ve seen Spurs play this bad. Vertonghen and Alderweireld had an absolute mare. Their midfield couldn’t dictate a kid’s match with that performance.
Surely something ain’t right. Media and fans(theirs and the opposing ones) got to their head. Most of those players could have been paid much more elsewhere and get some trophies while they’re at it. Pretty crazy how shit changes. They put one of the most professional performances against Man Utd but now it seems that no light is gonna show up in that tunnel anytime soon.


I hope we start to see the wheels fall off this season. I think they will carry some form of consistency throughout the season but can’t help but think that this summer’s (lack of) dealings will absolutely rue them as the games start piling up. Everyone will want to crash the party at their new stadium too.

We could be challenging them this season for all we know :mustafi:


Not buying in the summer is starting to show their lack of depth. Pochettino can’t always work his magic.


Looking like Kane was just a 4 season wonder


I read that he only completed 9 passes yesterday. When he plays well he’s very involved so that is quite indicative of where he is as a player at the moment.

I think he has been struggling since he got injured in March. All his skank goals at the WC helped disguise that, but he hasn’t looked like the same player as he was pre-injury. He seems more hesitant and wasteful. Whether he was rushed back from injury too quickly or is tired (a cop out excuse) due to the sheer number of games he’s played and only a short holiday, I don’t know, but long may it continue (until the European Championships of course :smile: )




I think his poor form is down to Eriksen not playing his best.
I think Eriksen has probably had his head turned, with rumours of Europe’s elite clubs being interested in him, and he isn’t as happy at spurs.


It does make you wonder if that contract extension is going to be a poison chalice for Kane, I mean obviously it’s a massive coup for Spurs as a club as they are going into this turbulent period, but it puts a lot of pressure on him to continue his mental goal scoring record in the league for a top, top team like Real to come in with a 100 million plus bid for him.
Whereas had he started to run down his contract he would have had a safety net should Spus- likely- collapse under the weight of their stadium expectations.


So 3rd defeat in a row. They look finished without signings.



Fucking cunts are finally caving

I’ll give them a bit of credit I thought they’d be finished sooner


Lol Spurs spurs’d it up big time


They are playing poorly currently but I still have them finishing in 4th place this season, Kane will start banging in the goals for fun sooner or later.


Struggling to see how they are better than both us and United tbh.


They’ll be back to form soon enough. A minute ago United were in crisis and now they are better than Spurs? Its a long season and it would be silly to say their wheels have fallen off.


Its good to see them struggle… I am not convinced they are going to fall too far yet though… It gives me hope that top 4 is legit prospect for us this year with Chelsea, City, and Pool looking above everyone else.


It’s their biggest blip in four years. No room for realism on this one, I’m just gonna enjoy it.


Shhh don’t be measured and logical, lets enjoy the moment


Just going to enjoy this while it lasts. November is around the corner and we all know what that means for us lol.


It’s a possibility that this is the beginning of the end, I’ll take that :slightly_smiling_face: