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There gonna play their home games at two stadiums this season. Breaking a pretty big rule


spuds fan in disguise? :gabriel:


Ahahha! Comedy gold :smile:





spud spud





You thought this was harmless Spurs’ banter. You failed to take into account the fact that he is Irish and you’re British. Spud bants is racist.




from a harmless spud to racial insults of the most serious order :henry2:


might aswell just close the site. Food insults are the sole reason this forum is still alive.


On that note, check my post in the film thread


You tell em lego balls…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lego is a food? i suppose it legoballs could be a crappy sub for meatballs…mmmmmnnn delish!! :unai:


Racist !


Was just a non food based…:wink:


Yea those probably shouldn’t be getting g used either. Just saying like.


Ophelia is calling you from the stream…


Poch has said that Lloris will remain as captain, which I don’t agree with. The £50,000 fine won’t hit him at all and the driving ban, although annoying, he has the funds to hire a driver or five. It just seems to me that he has gone unpunished. And let’s remember, he wasn’t just tipsy, he was smashed! He couldn’t even stand up! He could have killed someone.

Shouldn’t Spurs be making a stand, showing they don’t condone his behaviour? Drink driving is such a major problem in this country and I think the punishments are quite lenient for everyone, not just people in the public eye, but in incidents such as this, it’s someone who is seen as a role model (rightly or wrongly) by many. The captaincy may mean nothing to some people, but it’s important to him – he had a strop when he was overlooked for it before. Stripping him of the captaincy just seems like the right move to me, but that’s life.

Daniel Storey wrote as much in this piece for Football 365


Tony Adams went to prison after crashing his car whilst hammered and came out again to continue being our captain for many years to come. I don’t think most people associated with the club would have wanted it any other way.

The Spurs captaincy is their business alone. If his colleagues, the club staff and fans are happy for him to continue being captain then he should continue to be captain.


I know Liverpool are good but spurs were absolutely garbage today.


We are coming! :henry2: