Scum thread


I think I’ve worked out the meaning of this celebration


6 months yessss :giroud3:


Illuminati Dickhead !!


Just signed it myself. Join in lads :joy:


What a cunt


2 year prison sentence incoming :henry2:


you reckon he will be playing for the scum the very next game, and you will probably hear their manager scrambling to find excuses for this.


They dont have a choice really. He is their only respectable GK. I dont know about the laws in England but a drink driving offense doesnt give u prison sentence ?


Tell that to big Tone…

When Poch told Lloris to take inspiration from former league winning captains, I don’t think this is what he had in mind


Let’s see if the UK justice system is any better than the Spanish one.


hahahahahahahahahahahaha oooooooohhhhhhhhh hahahahahahhahahahaha…oh, are you being serious?


There’s one thing being an alcholic but being a drink driver you just an utter wanker !!


I know it is the DM, but if true let it begin he apparently wants close to what kane is getting.

I would love it if he ends up being sold, if they cave then all of the squad will want a huge upgrade in wages, with £1bn to pay off and delays bwahahahahahaha.


Other than 200k smackers a week what possible reason would Eriksen have to extend at Spurs.


He’ll be offered 200k by some team. If Spurs can’t match it he’ll be off. Think about it we’re talking about needing to spend 220k to keep Ramsey. Well Eriksen is significantly better and has the ability to play for Real, Barce etc. You can’t keep any player without paying market rate


How many years in a row will these cunts finish above us ?

  1. So boring, tbh.


If they do it this year then this will be the last time…We will be back by next season…


i dont reckon they will be able to keep poch either, i wouldnt even be at all surprised that Manu nab him.


Poch had to intervene just so Eriksen could get 80K a week, he’s not falling for it again.

He should be on par with Kane in terms of wages or run him close at the least since he’s just as important to that team.