Scum thread


Ah well that puts to bed a hope of a top 5 finish then.


they aint that good they rode their luck last season with dodgy decisions etc and jammy wins and shit penalties and this season even their first game just edged a win and sissoko should have been off. Their luck is gonna run out soon enough especially with injuries.


Sure they could hire the local park for a kick about with city


Are you unaware of the thread we are in?


We could charge them big rent money. Let Spurs pay for our next big signing imo :wink:


Fck em give them a points deduction !!


Really enjoyed this article. :slight_smile:

Clearly, it would have been better if the stadium had finished on time and on budget. But it’s difficult. Fans know that; they’ve seen Grand Designs. This is the bit just before the final ad break where Kevin McCloud makes worried faces at the camera and Daniel Levy announces that he’s decided to project-manage the rest of the build himself and blows the last of the cash on a £15,000 bathtub from Latvia while his wife, who is obviously pregnant at this point, smiles tersely and tries to look like she doesn’t want to murder him where he stands.




:ramsey: hahaha.

I love Grand Designs.



:gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:

My eyes and ears need bleach, how dare you defile my computer and this forum with THAT!


Brb googling can you unsee something :neutral_face:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Absolute shambles.


They’re such a joke


Imagine they get a points deduction that takes them out the top 4 :giroud3:


And yet they are above us. Hopefully their luck will finally run out this season.


Cant they not just play their matches without attendance?
All you need is the pitch


But clubs need to up ticket prices, not entirely give up that source of revenue.


Yeah but if it is at the expense of having shambles of scheduling and possible point deduction, might as well take the hit.


Is this genuinely the case now or are DM rounding things up. Not sure if the price has spiked again because of the delays…literally are saying £1bn now WTF!