Scum thread


Theirs was ready made but had to do a bit of renovating.

They didn’t build it from the ground up like Arsenal/Spurs.


A bit? Construction cost were like €250 million. Spurs renovated too rather than build a new stadium :wink:.


Fraction of what Spurs paid at £800m and I think Arsenal paid about £300 m plus other infrastructure costs but I’m not sure.




Har har…

They are going to turn on their long term manger, CEO, Chairman and all and any who work and train there - as their stadium costs stops them buying top players to compete with the likes of the Chavs and City.

Then they will turn on each other on the internet forums and chat sites and become the laughing stock of the other 95% of football clubs who would love to be in their position.

Gone will be the waxing lyrical about the teams style of play or the managers punching above his weight with the resources he has - and in will come he’s gone as far as he can or we have won fuck all.

Patience will evaporate and the screams and rants will get louder. Marches and banners will be had directed at Levy and Poch while attendances falter as they fail to beat Barcelona, Inter (or insert top euro team here…) as will be expected.

Har har the fucking bellends the lot of em…!!!:crazy_face:

Hmmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Spurs have got arguably the best manager around to navigate them through what is likely to be a period of austerity.

Very good track record of developing youth and can see them still being constant contenders for top 4 even on an inferior budget.

It all hinges on whether Pochettino stays there for a few years, though. Likely to be a shit show if he moves on.


The biggest key for Tottenham though was that they held onto world class players like Kane and Eriksen.


So far :wink:


Who says, they just got new contracts…for all you know they are on them so they can sell for stupid prices to pay lump sums of the stadium off. The stadium went £400m over budget, gotta come from somewhere.


That could well be right but as things stand all we know is they are still Tottenham players.


400 mil? Lol! They are pretty fucked :arteta:


If the likes of Kane, Alli and Eriksen start getting picked off in the next couple of years, they’ll find it tough to replace like for like. There has to be a lull coming up for them. The past two to three seasons, they haven’t prioritised the FA Cup seriously, but focused on a higher objective in the PL/CL which is admirable but they couldn’t execute it well enough.

They will walk away from a period high with nothing to show for it. Now we have to make sure we take 6 points off of them and hope they start going off the rails!


Yes apparently the original quote was something like 400m but it balloned to over £800m. Imagine spending close to £1bn on a stadium that literally looks like a toilet bowl :henry2:


“looks like a toilet bowl”.

Shite Fart Lane becomes even more appropriate, then.


Hopefully they are getting relegated soon due to their new stadium :henry2:


I think its great. Now I know were i can take a dump in the London area.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Unreeeeal


Got humped 4-1 off Girona the other day.

It was their 2nd team tbf, but that just shows how shite their squad depth is.

They are there for the taking imo.

Fuck these pricks tbh.


Yeah we’re told that you need to spend in the PL to stay still so I can’t see them turning up with pretty much the same team for the 4th season in a row and it all going rosy again. I think they’ll be 4th, 5th, or 6th but most likely 5th or 6th.

If they’re refusing to spend and compete players will get fed up.


Cant believe Eriksen is still there. He deserves so much better. 5. Place for Spuds imo.