Scum thread


Last season playing in it ya fuckers.


They’re the Arsenal of 06-13. Trophyless but banging on about Muh CL RO16.


Cocky small-time cunts.


Lol Spurs would never get Sarri


Why not?


Because its Spurs :wink:


Sarri isn’t really a massive name. Sure he’s done a good job with Napoli, but he has never won anything as a manager and he is nearly 60. Teams managed before Napoli include Empoli and Sorrento. Easily obtainable for Spurs i’d say.

I’m not dismissing him or calling him shit or anything and I like that he is a bit of a psycho, lol. I just don’t think it would really be a massive coup for Spurs.


Yeah Sarri is definitely the internet hipster choice rather than the galactico choice. I could definitely see a hire like that happening and it’d probably be a decent one for all parties.

As much as Arsenal fans would like to deny it Spurs right now aren’t a downgrade on Napoli.


I guess that depends on how you look at it. If Juventus has a lesser season they’ve actually got a chance for the League title if guided properly. Tottenham will never get close (anymore).


what an absolute bunch of bollox from the dm


The Daily Mail is so biased towards spurs and against us, that they don’t even bother hiding it any more.

Kane isn’t even the most valuable player in the PL.


Nobody reads stories anymore…

The Daily Mail haven’t given him that rating. The CIES Football Observatory have…


Less work for you :smiley:


Can’t say I blame them, I certainly wouldn’t click through having seen that headline and the publication posting it lol


Super Jack Whitehall has done it again :joy::joy:



Would shake up Spurs’ wage structure if true


Are they using a Spurs tinted telescope at their observatory?

I suppose it’s years of marketing potential than quality, but still.


I want to know what kind of Juju Levy is doing here ffs


I guess they are not gonna sign anyone after that, as all the money went away for Kane :mustafi:


Yep. Hopefully it’ll start a domino effect with their other players demanding more money