Scum thread


The FA Cup is not a barometer for anything. Form of the day, draw, fixture congestion (of other teams too), competing in the League and so on. There are so many other parameters involved in Cup football.


They peaked last season. Spurs are done for the next decade at minimum.


This is a bit of wishful thinking. They have a chore of young players that will be performing at a high level in years to come and a well organised style of play. Most of their players will be prime for a few more seasons and they can keep adding to that. Just because they might ‘only get 77 points’ this year doesn’t mean they can’t hit another 80 point season next season.


Lloris, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Dembele are all 30/31 years old tho and like I said they are at it for a while. They probably need a small rebuild soon to go again.


Don’t bother including the keeper in that, 30/31 is nothing for a keeper.


Eriksen is off to Barca this summer and Poch is gone after next season. I dont rate Kane, alli etc.


But that’s quite a small number of ageing players compared to Arsenal, City and United and I’d ignore Lloris

Compare that to who we need to replace: Cazorla, Mertesacker, Kosceilny, Cech (35), Monreal (32). Not to mention mediocrity like Xhaka, Mustafi, Welbeck, Iwobi, Chambers


It’s simple: Spurs’s current squad is like ours between 2004 and 2013. They need to invest to step up.


We are assuming their players won’t get poached.
I can definitely see Eriksen leaving especially after Kane cried about that goal.


I think Eriksen probably couldn’t give a fuck about that in reality. But he can earn more money and have better shots at trophies elsewhere so he’ll go. The same reasons players left us over the years.


Their players being poached kinda helps them because they’re on long term deals. Barce come in and pay 150m for Erikson and Spurs have a summer transfer budget where they can pick up Lemar or Fekir or Bailey


Yeah their stadium will get financed within two transfer windows. Sigh


Or Soldado, Paulinho, Chiricheș, Capoue and Chadli. Spurs are abysmal buyers.


Eriksen won’t go for that. He’s not young like Dembele and he doesn’t have the same marketability as Coutinho.

Spurs will be lucky to get £60-70m for Eriksen. He’s not a “sexy” player.


You forgot Erikson himself off that list. That was generally a poor set of replacements and they have been hit and miss. Ultimately they’ve signed better than us in recent years.


In which case Levy probably won’t let him go.


Dembele would be a great fit for Barca, they need to give Busquets some genuine cover.

Alderweireld would be good too.


Swear for a few seconds I was like huh? They already have Dembelè!? Then I realised it was Spurs Dembelè you were talking about :joy::joy:


Spuds are on a downward spiral as legendary AVB once said. No Eriksen no party.