Scum thread


He has brought it to himself, tbh.


He seems to forget it’s a team game and is making it all about him being top scorer.
The goal was all down to Eriksen and yet Kane has stolen it from him.
I’d like to know what Eriksen thinks about all this.


I’m hoping if he’s slagging off Englanders to get his excuses ready for a switch to Spain.


Then when he fucks off to spain or wherever the spuddies will be saying ‘all these other jealous clubs drove him away on purpose they cant see us succeed’


For anyone to see Spurs succeed they would need to be banging at least a couple of potent acid tabs.


apart from their own fans.


Thing is, if he is a bit of a cunt, looking like a cunt comes naturally.


Sane doesnt deservr such comparison :gabriel:


Hope nobody ever lets Kane forget this now lol


How is it anyone BUT him having a fucking weak mentality lol

Fucking Harry “no bants” Kane over here


He has zero self awareness and humility. I really want to see this continue because it clearly gets right under his skin.


The absolute irony! What a tool.

It’s called banter Harry – why didn’t he just send his own tweet taking the p out of himself?! Peter Crouch style. That’s the best way to make it stop.

Imagine if he got the Sterling treatment, or the David Beckham treatment – when effigys of him were hung up! Some players get death threats constantly. But a bit of bants upsets him and his family.

Get a fucking grip!


This just gets better and better. I’ve got no idea why someone close to him hasn’t had a word yet, but I’m so glad they haven’t haha


What was the tweet by the FA?

What I don’t get about all of this, is how is there not more talk about the ridiculous fucking decision the FA made? I mean, I’m guessing the tweet was made by a member not involved with the gols panel, but still, it’s a bit rich for anyone from the FA to be joking about it when the FA’s decision really should be treated as just as big of a joke as Kane himself’s actions (which are receiving exactly the ridicule and mockery they deserve).


I bet Eriksen is having a laugh over this.

Kane really isn’t helping himself here.
He is acting like a petulant child by asking for a goal that wasn’t his, and when everyone is laughing at him, he’s making out it’s everyone else fault.

We’ll see how long his promise of staying with spurs lasts after this little outburst.


Lol! He just can’t take it. The only weak in this story it’s him.


That’s why everyone should have dick friends, instead of nice yes peeps.

Or they should troll certain forum where poster don’t like you & call you out on your bullshit for instance when you camp outside your exes house and no one goes Awwww


They tweeted a gif of Chris Smalling saying “Harry Kane” written above the gif they wrote what’s in your pocket Chris?



Being in Chris Smalling’s pocket deserves a jolly good mocking.


Harry Redknapp is being sued for £15’000 from his time as Tottenham’s Manager.
The cost relates to an electricity bill . Redknapp was the last one in Tottenham’s trophy room and he forgot to switch the lights off . :rofl: