Scum thread


They call Salah “Salad” fucking hell :joy::joy:


I couldn’t even read past them calling Salah ‘Salad’ before I could get to the Islamophobia aimed at him.


Is calling him Mo Salad supposed to be funny? It makes them all sound about 12!

And yeah some of those Islamophbic comments saying they hope he chokes on a bacon sandwich. Absolute dickheads!


To be fair, it only looks like one bloke being bigoted, from what I’ve read anyway. With a couple people calling him out or making digs. So probably not fair to read too much into it beyond that one bloke being a cunt.

Salad though… :rofl:


Yeah, can’t believe it’s an admin or whatever acting like that as well


Their Liverpool thread is called “Victimpool”. Chelsea are “Cheatski” and United are “Circus Man Unitus” (?). I’m quite disappointed that ours is simply “The Goon Thread”. Surely they could have come up with something better than that?


The only other person I’ve heard call Chelsea that is @Luca_from_Italy :joy:


So swear it on his daughter’s life, was it?


One day, she is going to see this – if she survives – and wonder why a goal, which come the end of the season will ultimately amount to nothing, is worth swearing on her life for

Our striker gives up a shot at a hat-trick to help a team mate

Their striker tries to take goals from team mates for a shot at an individual award



I also lol’ed at:

“Photos can be deceiving but I think given he swore on his daughters life, he touched it and the Panel will concur this on review.”

other bloke

“So if the appeal fails and the goal stays with Christian, do the Premier League actually get to claim Harry’s daughter’s life?”


You’re a shambles if you want to make a fuss about taking that off of Eriksen. It’s not like some random OG that some poor defender wants to forget.


The first one made me chuckle in a

kind of way.

The second was actually quite witty lol


What are the chances Eriksen is annoyed by this whole event and fucks off to Spain?


I miss having players / coaches worth going to that length of reaching for :crying_cat_face:


Abraham style story with Scudamore to ritual sacrifice her in front of Kane needed.



I do believe that’s the first picture I’ve seen of Kane with his gob shut. Hardly recognised him.




That’s what happens when someone isn’t around to remind him to breathe


I haven’t seen the goal till now.

Oh my fucking god how pathetic is Kane!