Scum thread


wow, both those tackles ran current in my body.
Kane’s tackle was even more horrible I think; perpendicular to the leg in a moment when Sterling planted his leg in the ground. Could have broken his leg.


The Kane one is far worse. Terribly executed, nowhere near the ball, foot high and with force and in slow motion it looks deliberate. No wonder the England team is shit when you have its best players treating each other like this.


Kane’s was terrible , if Sterling had planted his leg and not bent it it would have been a guaranteed leg breaker.

Those Spurs players are dirty as hell especially Dier and Ali, Kane has a nasty streak too.


surely they should be looked into and retrospective bans applied those are horrific tackles. I would laugh their main players missing for at least 3 games.


They can’t because they both got booked.


The worst rule in all of football.


oh ok, didnt see the whole match. In a way that should be abolished too, because you can book someone not seeing the full extent of something and then realise afterwards.


They are cowardly tackles by cowardly players.
I hope any other players watching that take note and give it to them back, and a bit more.



Holy hell those are disgraceful… two reds missed. What a bunch of absolute wankers.


WTF!? :arteta:


Imagine Adam congratulating everyone in similar manner.

“Perhaps this promotion will encourage you to flush the toilet properly and not let remnants of your excretion for public display. Congrats anyway.”


Harry Kane 93 league goals in 133 league appearances for Tottenham, still only 24, he really could smash several records if he stays in the Premier League his whole career.


Hopefully he wants to win some big trophies, something difficult with Tottenham, so he decides to leave in the future.


I dunno why but i feel that Kane is just a glorified Vardy, a player that you cant say they are shit they have something about them, but he is going through a purple patch and then he will go through periods without looking special and not scoring that much then he will score a few and then not. I dunno there is something about him that makes me think he is overhyped but not really that good and it is more the system and players around him that is making him prolific at the moment but in general he is not all that. I mean even Adebayor was capable of scoring 30+ in a season but lets face it he was a mediocre striker at best. I know he has done it for a couple of seasons now but i feel he is going to fall off the wagon at some point especially if he moves elsewhere.


Yeah, would like to see him outside Tottenham. Pochettino has built a system around him so he looks great.


Four year purple patch, it won’t last :wenger:


Aw look, how cute. Spurs have taken a dressing room photo to celebrate their first trophy of the season… oh, wait…


They are taking a photo for the memories, they all know he wont be with them for much longer!


Talk about a small time club.