Scum thread


Yup, we’ve been relevant this side of the moon landing.


Why cant he do both. Made a big point of playing Ali and Son from the start and giving game time to Kane at Tranmere.
If he hasnt got the balls of a cup after 5 years, how does manage the expectations of united or RM on league and CL front.


Out of 2 cups in four days. Lovely stuff.


Top 4 is better than a trophy. I remember the outrage when Wenger used to say that lololol :joy::joy:

Not that he’s wrong, but at the same time that’s pretty much what u say right after an embarrassing defeat and being knocked out of the cup. This guy can’t win shit lel.


It was a PR blunder when he said it, it was a PR blunder when MoPo said it too.

These idiots are talking to the fanbase, not the club’s bank account.

Mind you, what with MoPo’s hilarious “black and white” blunder this week, his press conferences lately are becoming very enjoyable


This manager has had a free ride for a while now. Hes rightly earned a few accolades but if the press start putting any pressure on , its then where going to see how good he really is. Their borderline stagnation.
Been let off with numerous cup failings and bottling a credible chance of pushing on in the league when they fell apart to wolves.
People can say they have done well, but they have also gone missing when expectations come knocking too.


Out in 2 cups in just 3 days. So spursy! :arteta:




Pocho going full Wenga here :wenger:




It’s been said…


“We have built the new stadium. We can’t spend now”



Sounds familiar :arteta:


Guy should just lie… that is abysmal PR lol.


Spuds have been living a lie these past four or five years. They can klaim all they like, but they know who their true masters are in North London.


LatAm’s ESPN just showed a Pochettino montage with Beck’s Loser as background music :joy::joy:



Sky sources understand Real Betis and Tottenham in talks over the signing of striker Vincent Janssen.

We understand Betis’ offer is for a loan with an option to buy.

Tottenham value Janssen at £15m.

Any fee above £10m is daylight robbery.


Wasnt he highly rated in the eredevisiesjdkdid back in the days?


Fairly. But he wasn’t ready for a Premier League switch yet. I think he should have moved to a domestic top club first, Ajax or PSV.

There’s still some time for him though, moving to Betis could be good for him.


He’s not worth Walcott kinds of money mate