Scum thread



75k for Eriksen and 55k for Deli Ali, Jesus Christ that’s some good business.


wont be for long…Alli has just renewed for 100-150k a week, but eriksen is vastly undervalued they best sort him out soon or he will be gone for sure.


100-150k for Ali is still good value in this market when players like Mhki are on 200k etc


Is he?


yes but that’s not Manchester City’s ground, it’s Totten… oh, I get it. well, I guess it won’t happen anyway



That was the rumoured amount when he moved to us in Jan.


It could be true considering he must have received 150 or so when he moved to United.


‘Arry’s not happy with G Nev :laughing:

“I’ve got the raving hump. I’ve got to be honest with you, I really wouldn’t want to speak to him. I’ve got the raving needle with him – I think he’s totally out of order, I really do.

“His opinion in this case is totally wrong, totally out of order, and I think its a disgrace to talk as he has

“When he managed Valencia they were the worst Valencia team probably not just in the last 30 years but in their history.

“I think he needs to do his homework”

Do his homework… so says the man who was bemused as to why Jamaican international Wes Morgan hadn’t been called up to the England team


Neville took the job when they were in crisis, fair enough he couldn’t change that, but let’s not act like that it was his fault that they were that bad.

Redknapp is just an absolute fucking mug, I have next to no respect for him.


I must be the ‘no respect’ guy you’re next to, then.


I listened to his whole segment and actually thought he made some fair points about his spell at the club.

GNev’s initial statement is sensational garbage really


As much of a totally banter era it was with Spurs (mind the gap) under Rednapp, he was the one who brought in the initial stability to that club.


Which point and why?


I guess Gary was a little OTT, but his overall analysis was pretty correct.

“Spurs were soft, you could be 2-0 down to them and think you’d win 5-2.”

That is literally what we did :laughing:


Absolutely loved that bit


That’s why they are known as 5pur2


They are just so Spursy.


can somebody please enlighten me to the media’s fascination with defending spurs?

Gary Neville said the truth (they used to be little bitches where you’d be down 2-0 and still beat them and kind of still are) and everyone is now jumping down his throat.

It’s like that whole teacup thing last season.


Because they play English players. a good part of the England team is scum players haha