Scum thread


Watch the video ya tit.


This is fucking gold :sob::sob::sob::sob:

His reaction is mesmerising :joy::joy:


Best thing he’s said in years


that was savage as fuck, but its true.


I kept watching it was so surreal


I love Merse yes he plays the clown from time to time but I feel he isn’t half as disingenuous as a lot of our ex players when talking about the club.



Had a lot of plaudits Poch and all that but he looks burnt out now round the edges. Done a decent job, but nowhere as good as is made out in some quarters.


Holy smokes thad clip had me lelelelele !


So they lost to City at home which hugely dents their title hopes, if they were ever any. Basically, they are going to compete with us and United for the 4th place. No new players, no new stadium and no title challenge this year most likely. I would say that’s a step in the wrong direction.

With Real Madrid just firing their manager, and Poch’s pre-match comments, you never know what will happen.


I think his strategy for chasing the ‘real trophies’ and neglecting the domestic cups will largely haunt them when looking back at this 4 year bright period for them.


Did they ever really neglect the cups? I thought it was just an excuse for losing. Maybe the EL a few years back they didn’t give a shit about.


Hopefully this is his last season with them and he leaves to Real next summer, taking Kane and Eriksen with him.


I’d rather Poch stayed there tbh. While I agree that he isn’t great, the rumours are Manchester United want him. He’d be an improvement on Mourinho


Sorry. Ahah great one! :slight_smile:


As if Eriksen would want to do anything with Kane once he leaves.


I still think this is exactly what will happen. When they apply to switch to the toilet bowl they’ll be told no.


Carra and Nev’s debate on Tottenham was absolutely brilliant on MNF last night. Try and watch it if you can :joy::joy:

Best pundits on tv by a mile!!!


Spurs should really be fined heavily for the stadium mess. Especially because of the knock on effect it has with clashing events on the Wembley calendar and the state of the pitch in the aftermath of these events.


Just my wish.