Scum thread


And we seem pleased as fans as well.

Lets get them in the goolies…

“Arf Arf your toilet bowls gonna fuck your club…”


I’m not sure it’s really a ‘new’ thing. Blackburn got their title in the mid-nineties, because of (heavy) investment of Jack Walker at the time. He broke the English transfer record twice.


However around that time 5 clubs won the league within 6 years, 2 of them newly promoted teams. Football back then was a far more level playing field.


But money was still a deciding factor. One of those newly promoted teams was Blackburn…



Another trophy for Spurs. Will sit well beside their putting the pressure on ones


i guess they need all of that space for all of those dvds they keep on producing. What is the point of having a huge space like that when they dont have enough fans to be buying in that volume. Its like me boastng that i have the biggest swimming pool in the uk but cant swim and i am deathly scared of water and drowning.

haha i just noticed from piccies from the DM that their shop has a slogan ‘The game is about glory’ ooooooohhhhhh the irony.

It also makes you wonder, why there is a fully functional shop so fans can buy a shit load of stuff, but can they get their shed sorted out, fuck no…seems rather suspect to me, money grabbing toilet bowl.


Ha yeah there were a couple of comments on the Spurs tweet saying things like, “is the shop big enough to play a football match in?” :laughing:

Hopefully their fromagerie will be open for business soon, too.




Why boast about the largest retail space in Europe and then go and show everyone that it’s basically empty.







Spurs need to win all 3 remaining games to stand a chance of qualifying. They won’t beat Barcelona at the Camp Nou but will beat Inter at Wembley and PSV. But you’d bet Inter would get a result against PSV and that would be enough to see them through.


Yeah they aren’t technically out yet, but they as good as are let’s be honest. I’m not too worried about this post biting me in the arse haha


:joy::joy: Forgot about that poster hahahaha how embarrassing for them.

Massive L


Alright fun police :wink:


My post basically says they won’t go through without me actually saying they won’t go through haha…


As good as Arsene’s age old “We aren’t mathematically out of the championship race yet”


I wouldn’t rule Spurs out if they need to beat Barca on match day 6, Barca will be through and qualified top by that stage.