Scum thread


So wait, I’m the one being salty when you’ve brought up some old debate I’d forgotten even happened and then attached a pretty childish name to it? Seems like you’re holding on to a fair amount of sodium chloride yourself.

But fair enough, as long as we’re clear lol.

You might not be an idiot, but if you’re gonna say we are better than Spurs when we clearly aren’t then that that’s an idiotic thing to say. To be fair there is a gap between saying something idiotic and actually being an idiot, which is not what I take you for.

I just don’t understand the mentality. You’re going to say Arsenal are better than Spurs but in the next breath admit that we actually aren’t, so what on earth is the point making such a blatantly untrue statement in the first place if you don’t even believe it and won’t stand by it? :joy:


I know you don’t :slight_smile:


Would love them to have a Dortmund 14/15 season :giroud3:


That fucking article.

They have one season where they “challenged” but still finished 7 points adrift and all of a sudden Pochechubbfuck is amongst the PL greats, oh fucking please.

This scum love in makes me sick.

Not to worry though, they’ve got two key players entering critical points in their contracts, they’ve been in the CL a couple of seasons and have got used to that extra bit of cash, then there’s the spiralling stadium costs, the pressure really is on them.


Selling a t shirt that depicts their greatest ever player wearing a Chelsea shirt, what a bunch of fuck ups :joy:


Well yeah. Half their squad basically didn’t rest at all this summer so it’s as if they are having two seasons fused into one by a World Cup.


haha exhausted already huh…soooooo umm you do realise the season just started right?


To be fair most of them went to the World Cup and slotted into the team right away.

I can definitely see them suffering from fatigue, Kane clearly is but they aren’t in a position to rest him now lol.


Exactly. The WC ended on 15th of July and the EPL started on 10th of Aug. Given that they probably had to turn up for preseason at least 10 days in advance, that means they literally got 2 weeks of “rest” between the WC and the new season. Also given that they cannot get match fitness in 10 days, that also means they probably had an arrangement with Pochettino to stay in shape during their 2 weeks off. Hardly surprising they are tired imo.


They don’t have the stadium or the players. Might as well get a PL sabbatical.


Hope they get run into ground. Fuck them. This is glorious rn


Oh boo bloody hoo

The club can blame themself. The likes of Kante and Hazard returned to training at the same time as Harry Kane did, with the same length of time off, and Hazard’s been playing some of the best football of his life! Of course he did start the first couple of games on the bench, but still, i’m not about to feel sorry for Spurs.

Especially as they knew the situation. They knew some of their key players would only have 3 weeks off. They had the option to not play them in the opening games. And they had a transfer window like the rest of us – they chose to do fuck all, so fuck them!


Their squad isn’t huge either. Maybe a couple of additions were needed.


On another note, their stadium build sounds like it’s being run by Dumb and Dumber

…all the work the electricians had done has to be torn out. This is made all the more frustrating by the fact that completed electrics, carried out on the exact same spot, had already been completely ripped out two weeks earlier for the same reason.

“I’ve not worked on a site like that in a long, long time,” one source says, claiming: “There were people off their heads, drinking cans first thing in the morning before going on to site and snorting coke in the toilets.”


their era has ended before it began. football is a fantastic sport tbh.


Construction News eh? I wonder how concrete their sources are.



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I am living for hkw much of a shambles this is


How have they managed to Spurs the building of a stadium?!

And yes, I used spurs as a verb there.


Ahahaha! They are for a very long season :smile:


I didn’t realise that spurs were the only PL club to have players that went to the World Cup.

To be fair I think Kane has sustained an injury.
I think he has damaged his ego, trying to fit it through the door after picking up the Golden Boot award.