Santi Cazorla

Not like he isn’t a top 10 emirates era player for us quality wise anyway.


Then it’s opinion game for the remaining 7 but Santi probably features in most. Current squad might have something to say about it if they keep this up though.


Please don’t forget Cesc - he’s number one. Add Santi and the three you listed and yes that is our best five players ability wise.

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Lol how did I forget Fabregas :man_facepalming:

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That treacherous shitweasel was such a gifted player. I was devastated when he left.

As much as he won in his career, it feels a little incomplete because of how mediocre his stint as Barcelona was. He probably doesn’t care though.





What a player, shame we let him go so soon.

That was painfully embarrassing defending. What a shit standard of football that looks.

Fat Frank scores one of them in the six a side when everyone is fucked with ten minutes left of the booking.

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Think it’s a testimonial match for Joaquin

Thought so by the crowd reaction.

would love him to come back to Arsenal in some capacity.


Medical research?


We’ve been paying Rob Holding for about two seasons to just be a vibes guy in the locker room, Cazorla can easily fill that role.

I’d love for him to get his coaching badges, and join the youth set up.


Such a gifted player.

Having a favourite player is personal preference. Santi was fucking majestic. Why does it piss you off that some people may like him? Ridiculous post that.


It’s not something I’d get remotely worked up about, but I think it’s a tiny bit weird for a gooner’s favourite player to be a guy who basically spent half his Arsenal career out injured when there are a whole host of incredible players to choose from who won more, played more, scored more, assisted more and so on.

But each to their own, you can’t tell anyone else how to pick a favourite footballer, or favourite anything, cos by definition picking a favourite is as subjective as it gets.

My favourite ever Arsenal player is Lee Dixon

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Good choice and I saw him on his debut for us after Graham bought him from Stoke.
There aren’t many players who have won more for Arsenal than Dixon. :grinning:

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I only put it in here because the question of random favourite players came up

Hes always been mine, my step dad used to joke that I looked like him and I played right back on occasion. Loved him ever since.