Santi Cazorla

Coquellin is an average water carrier with zero international pedigree. Saying he is in the same level as Santi is disgraceful.

Cazorla was just unlucky to be part of the same era as Cesc, Silva, Mata, Iniesta, Alonso and Xavi. Even then he still appeared quite a number of times for Spain.

What the fuck did Coquellin do? The top teams just tried to double up on Santi and let Coquellin have it as he was about as gifted on the ball as Phil Mitchell.

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They weren’t even playing the same role on the pitch?

Busquets at his peak is far above Santi ever managed to get to though. No doubt about that.


Yeah it’s not great and it worked okay but we’ve seen how important it is to get the midfield balance right.

The disrespect for Cazorla in this thread smh

Almost on par with coquelin fuck off :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just think Coquelin was under rated and Santi was over rated

If anything we overrated him as a fanbase because that pairing worked so well.

Santi gets all the credit though. So that implies he carried Coquelin.

I mean they both played well. I think it’s just a matter of how much Arsenal fans love a good flair player combined with the way his career ended here. Coquelin was a good partner for him but you’re unlikely to see anyone posting comps of his performances because it’s just not that interesting.

Santi numero uno

Santi became an injury liability. But he had a nice smile so Arsenal fans lapped him up.

If that’s true, it applies to Giroud as well.

And he wasn’t so much an injury liability as the fact his injury was mismanaged. Didn’t he have to get skin grafts to fix it?

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It doesn’t. You’re all jealous of his hotness :sweat_smile:

Yeah from his arm, lucky he could even play again after the way Arsenal medical team handled him.

What’s most important I think two of them made a very unbalanced midfield and were a huge reason why we were so inbalanced as a team in those years.

Coquelin was never a six first of all, more like a a defensive minded, destroyer type box to box. Never a holding midfieler. But he never had outstanding stamina to truly shine as a B2B.

This may sound strange to some, but it’s pretty obvious imo. He never played as a 6 for Valencia or Villarreal too, was even often used on the wing, what just confirms what I’m saying.

You can’t say much against Santi, but we really couldn’t control games with a midfield like that.

Obviously we had like few good freak games against big teams with them, but you could count many more games where we couldn’t control even mediocre teams, and they even dominated us often. Especially the away games in the league; we barely controled like a few away games in those years, always had to scrap out results. We just had to run more away from home, unlike at the Emirates where most teams would sit deep and that suited that lazy team we had. That midfield just couldn’t cover much ground and if was literally an agony to watch our away games.
And adding Giroud up front to that, who was obviously isolated and was making those one touch flicks to Casper the friendly ghost when we tried to counter just made things even better.

That was just one of many horrible tactical choices by Wenger in those years. You could write a whole massive book about those.


Idk @Phoebica seems to think there’s fertile ground for criticism.

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Yeah because he gets too much love. It’s bloody ridiculous. People saying he is their favourite player to play for Arsenal? Fuck me, they need to watch more of us then or someone needs to educate them


That’s just a matter of taste though not an evaluation of his talent. You can have a favorite player and still acknowledge they’re not the best player. It’s two different things.


It’s called an opinion


There’s a difference between someone’s favourite player and someone’s idea who’s Arsenal’s best player is. Who we think our favourite player is a personal choice and not for someone to tell them they need educating.


Oh thank you