Safe standing in English football


Go on Shrewsbury! :slight_smile:


Bet it gets refused. But I hope it doesnt.


All away ends should be safe standing anyway tbh.


AFC Wimbledon have got terraces, I’ve stood on them several times. Am I missing something here?


The only thing missing would be a crowd.
The away support at a Wimbledon match probably all come in the same car :grinning:


The all seater rule only applies to top two divisions and stadiums built after a certain date.


What’s that certain date? I tried looking but couldn’t find the answer withing 5 minutes lol


It’s in the article :smile:

Shrewsbury’s Greenhous Meadow is 10 years old so is not governed by the all-seater stadiums legislation which permits clubs in Leagues One and Two to keep terraces that existed before 1994.

Although it’s terraces as opposed to stadiums so I got it slightly wrong.


I guess reading the OP in full might have helped haha