Russell Square stabbing attack

1 US woman dead 5 others injured.

Police are saying it’s not terror related.

RIP to the poor woman, hope the 5 others have a speedy recovery.

Sends shivers down my spine , one of my pals has a luggage stall at the station and my missus takes my child to the adventure playground next door in Coram fields at least twice a week.

Whilst the papers dont say terrorist its a Somali so its an attack on white people by a muslim pissed off with the west .Just like in Germany they will say he’s just a man with mental problems to deflect from that fact that we are letting more and more dangerous people into the country and guess what they will attack the natives !


I originally posted this in European Terror Attacks thread as it could be terror related despite what the police say. some of the attacks in Europe have been covered up with police and officials saying no clear motive, not terror related etc.

This is completely unconfirmed (trying to confirm it now), that this guy was shouting Allah Akbar while he carried out this attack.

I personally don’t know if it is or isn’t terror related, but if it is the police should be absolutely disgusted with themselves!

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Take your bullshit rhetoric and give it a rest.

If they don’t say it’s a terror related attack people like you still manage to convince yourself it’s a conspiracy, how in the world do you know it’s an attack on white people?

Your tin foil hat is wrapped way too tight, you may be oldder but you’re not wise all. You wouldn’t know objectivity if it hit you in the face.

Condolences to the victims and their families.

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What’s with the hostility? i said i personally don’t know either way. all i know is that European police have covered up terror attacks claiming they weren’t. that’s not theory, that’s fact.

The BBC have gone so far as removing the name “Ali” from 1 attack and renaming the man “David”.

Relax man!

I didnt say it was a terrorist attack or mention conspiracy ,if you open your eyes random attacks on innocents by pissed off people are all the rage this year or dont you read the papers ?
Racist attacks by non english persons on caucasian people are a common occurance in london ,I know I live here ,and they are regularly played down by the Police . That isnt a conspiracy it’s a fact of life .
Im scared because real people ,people i know live and work in the area and its a stones through from where i was born and as I say my kid had his 5th birthday party 100 yards away and goes to the playground there regularly !
I guess perhaps you think Im a racist because I mentioned he was muslim , well only because there is an increasing trend of nutcases attacking people in Europe and guess what they are pissed off muslims with a sense of greivance lashing out on innocent passers by who happen to be white !

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Muslim is not a race. it’s someone who follows the religion of Islam regardless of their race/ethnicity.there are whites who have converted to Islam.

Just saying.

So because he’s a Somalian it makes him a Muslim who is pissed off at white people? He’s Somalian so he can’t possible have mental health issues, it can only be that he is a Muslim pissed off with white people.

That’s some pretty offensive shit.

Can’t find any report that says the man was shouting Allah Akbar at this point. so going with the official report that he’s just insane.

Even if he did shout Allahu Akhbar that wouldn’t mean that he isn’t mentally ill.

Very true.

Anyone going around stabbing people obviously has some condition. i think we could both agree that you have to be mentally ill to kill people regardless if it’s ideologically motivated, or not.

Hes Somalian Jakey thats a statement of fact, and I didnt say he didnt have mental issues ,If I lived in mogadishu and grew up on its streets Id be traumatised too ! You are right I am assuming that he’s a pissed off muslim with a beef with the west, thats not offensive its a best guess and its happening a lot right now ! That he attacked and killed white people is also a guess based on the fact that the woman who died was also white !

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Yes it is offensive and rather bigoted that you are so eager to pin it on him being a Muslim, and what you’ve said about it being the “best guess” is demonstrable bullshit and illustrates your prejudice.

If I were to make a best guess I’d listen to what the police had to say, rather than just making stuff up because it fit my simple narrative.

From the above article:

Investigation so far does not suggest attacker’s Somali background is relevant to his motivation, says Mr Rowley.

Mr Rowley emphasis police have found no evidence of radicalisation that would suggested terrorism was motive.

He says investigation “increasingly points to this tragic incident as having been triggered by mental health issues”

Im not that eager and made a remark simply because the area means something to me ,its home .
I have no issue with muslims or somalians either but that fact he was both muslim and somalian and stabbed white people does lead me to think it was a racially motivated attack as even loonies can be racist . Thats not bigoted In my opinion,in life if it looks like a turd smells like a turd theres a good chance it is a turd ! Forgive me for not swallowing the line put out by the filth and the bbc but I have seen them peddle lies and distortions in the past !

It’s not the line put out by the BBC, they are directly quoting Mark Rowley who is a police commissioner.

Similarly too many cases are brushed off as mental illness.

I don’t think that that is the case at all. Please give some examples of non-white people committing acts of terror and it there being widespread dismissal of it on the grounds of mental illness?

I could have no such evidence as I have no access to the culprit’s mental assessment file.

But just in last 2 months, we have seen about 5-6 cases of violence by Immigrants which are swept away as mental illness.
I find it difficult to digest that all mentally ill would act one by one, and only be violent towards residents of that country, not towards fellow Immigrants .

These violent acts plus the Cologne rape molestation case few months ago, do indicate that there is some sort of cultural shock & few are unable to cope.
With enough cultural grooming, sanest of all could do violent acts.

Just like Homophobia where good people are dismissive of gays & violent towards them.

last year at leytonstone ,a guy with mental problems attack passers by to name but one Jakey

Are you saying that he wasn’t mentally ill? Because if he did have a mental illness then to say so wouldn’t be brushing it aside, it would be an accurate assessment of part of the cause of the incident.