Ruben Neves

This guy is not what we need at all.

They are doing a fine job at sabotaging us if this is one of the midfield signings they’re looking to make.


Is he even in the starting XI for wolves? Not sure what to make of it.

In a really simplistic sense, he’s Granit Xhaka with better PR. A few years younger and doesn’t have as many brain fart moments compared with captain Xhak. Pretty similar in playing style though Neves is a right-footer.

He’s not an automatic pick for Wolves. I don’t watch enough of them to tell you why that is, but it does seem noteworthy.

I wouldn’t hate the move, but his signing alone is unlikely to change our ceiling, which is 5th place. It does mean Xhaka’s on the way out. For some that’s reason enough to make said signing.


I’d be happy with this if we sign another midfielder too.



New CM

I wouldn’t be angry with that


Yeah agreed. Just looking for the signings that adjust our tactics to a bit more proactive.


I would imagine he will be a slightly less worse player and replacement for Xhaka.
As long as he isn’t our marquee signing it’s not going to make much difference to our first team, quality wise, except he’s younger than Xhaka.

Would he be the Bissouma alternative?

Let’s please not underestimate the importance this carries. I won’t pretend I see Wolves play and have an opinion on him. But if he’s less mistake prone that alone is a massive improvement.

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Everyone: “Xhaka is crap, you need to get a different and much better player”

Arteta: “ahh, yeah, let me find this slightly younger slight upgrade… sorted!”

Arteta likes this guy - worse, he likes him for things that make us hate him.

Really hard to find any sort of excitement this summer atm… I reckon next year will be another repeat, maybe with chance to get into top 6, but the only thing I will be watching for is to see the Saka’s, the ESR’s, the Martinelli’s, and maybe to see what the f*ck transpires with our defense and persona non grata Saliba.


That’s a basic requirement though isn’t it?

Not much stands out with this guy except scoring a couple bangers from outside the box and he wouldn’t be cheap either.

I’ve just seen that this has been reported by The Athletic.
Fuck the management of this club.

It is, but after five years Xhaka I take someone who is just solid. But like I said. Only see them play against us. So don’t have anything else on him to go off.

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Since joining Wolves, the fewest games he has played in one season for them is 40. He has only been a sub 5 times this season.

I like him. He hasn’t been at his best this season, but neither have Wolves as a whole. Before that he was one of their best players, everything went through him.


When I watch them I like Moutinho better, which is quite damning as he’s 10 years older.

Fine for Wolves but doesn’t move the needle for us in our midfield, need better.


Bang on.


Isn’t he like another Xhaka?

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I actually think he’s more like Arteta when he used to be a player.

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According to some here Arteta was class as a player :eyes:.

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He was, more than 5 years ago though.
Arteta wouldn’t even make it to Everton if he played today.