Rocky & Wrighty: From Brockley to the Big Time


Should be good viewing… South London Gooners(even though Wrighty was Wall, still a legend),
As for Rocky, true Arsenal legend…To be shown the day after the anniversary of Rockys death…


Highlight of the season right there. Made my day there mate.


Reminder…2 proper legends…


RIP Rocky… Gone but not forgotten…


It’s players like these that will win you trophies and do what it takes to win.
Along with Adams, Dixon, Winterburn, Bould, Smith etc, these are the sort of players that were mentally strong.
Players like Walcott, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Giroud, Ozil etc, are decent, but they aren’t going to win you matches when things are against them.

If any players deserve a statue, these two should be right up there.


Actually Wenger at his best would have been great for Rocky.


I missed it last night but im watching it now via here…Give yourselves a treat and watch it…Honor Oak was one of my home pitches back in the day…


Think theres a plan today on 7 mins to sing his name…Oh Rocky Rocky… Legend…


Going to watch this now, thanks




Rocky is depicted all around the stadium. non issue.


Attention seeking tossers


Cant beat the passion in that program. Done the site a service there mate.


proper Legends in every sense of the word…


Watched this the other day, thought it was really good and can’t deny I had a tear in my eye. I never got to see Rocky live, or was too young to comprehend if I did, but I love the fact that not only was he a fantastic player but an all round great guy. RIP.


This piece is absolutely gushing and I love it.

Edit: screw you @Craigie


What did I do this time :eyes: ?


You were just saying recently that you don’t understand why people like Wright and Carragher get pundit gigs.

That was you right? :sweat_smile:


Yeah it was :grin: but it was nothing against him specifically, just ex players for the sake of it. He’s the first name that springs to mind because I’m pretty sure he’s on BBC, Sky, BT and ITV.

I think Wrightys the one that said he never worried about the tactical side of things. I love to see him though, he’s such an unashamed Arsenal fan who doesn’t give any illusion of being unbiased. When we do well he’s buzzing and when we’re shit he’s clearly miserable. I used to listen to his show (well podcast) on Absolute Radio and he’s always a laugh.


It’s hard not to love Wrighty . Very humble man about his struggles to become a footballer.
Loved the fact he went and bought his dear ol’mum a new television when he signed . Wrighty is no difference to us , we all feel the frustration when watching. It would have been a dream to have Wrighty , Bergkamp and Rocastle in an Arsenal team. Legends legends .
Fantastic programme.
RIP Rocky , thanks for the goals , the memories and the through balls .