Roberto Martinez Appointed Belgium National Coach


Wow! Someone worse than Wilmots! Well done!


Extremely odd appointment.


No idea how he blagged it.

Expect their defence to get much worse…Lukaku must be jumping for joy though that’s his position as #1 striker guaranteed for the foreseeable future.

What a waste to put that talent in hands, the fuck are they thinking?


Yea bizarre choice. Continued mediocrity awaits for Belgium.


Belgium clearly have no intention of fulfilling the potential of this generation.


Anything was better than Wilmots. He must have been so out of his depth in the dressing room. Martinez may be too.


He’ll probably do fine. He doesn’t have to teach them how to defend and he isn’t going to do more work on tactics than the minimum, so there’s really not a lot that he could do wrong as long as he doesn’t copy Wilmots.


A very odd choice, I think he’s a better manager than his time at Everton suggests, but considering that Belgium have the best team they’ve arguably ever had at the moment you’d think they’d hold out for someone with a more proven record of top level success.


If you consider that Belgium have got one of the best teams and some of the best players in all positions, it seems strange that they chose a manager that has just been sacked from a mid table PL club.

I think Martinez is a good manager, but surely they could have attracted a top level manager to manage such an array of talented players.


I think a lot of managers prefer to manage clubs rather than national sides. That said this is an odd choice by Belgium, I guess the Lukaku and Fellaini links have gone some way to making the decision the Belgium FA have come to.

Martinez is still relatively young as well, so for him it’s hopefully a stepping stone to manage a big european club that I guess ultimately he wants. Whether or not it works is up for debate and time will tell. He has played his cards well though as Belgium have a lot of potential and he isn’t going to be as under the microscope like head coach of England, Spain, Germany or France.


Wow a lot of hate. International coaches are shit. I wouldn’tbe surprised if he was now one of the top international coaches. I highly doubt anyone good wanted that job and I doubt the Belgian FA are paying top dollar wages.

Belgium have serious firepower. If he can get them attacking properly they’ll destroy teams.

It seems Arsenal fans have forgotten that season where he did really well, and in particular that game where we lost I think 3-0 after being absolutely outplayed for 90 minutes. Club and international football are different. He’s completely untested internationally and for all we know it could really suit him.


Shit manager but his all out attacking style might work for a Belgium team that are massively out of sync with each other.


Yeah, it’s gonna be fun to watch, very exciting, but they are not gonna be a winning team.


This appointment is bananas but I think it will definitely make Belgium even more exciting to watch during WC qualifiers. They’ll play some really open, really attractive stuff and let in some really soft, really stupid goals.

I do wonder how guys like Hazard and Carrasco and co. who have worked with some pretty defensively detail oriented managers at Chelsea and Madrid will deal with a guy like Martinez who is not so great at that organization.


He won’t have to worry about bolstering the team with transfers which he was a complete calamity at with Everton so I think he’d do really well and surprised a lot of people. A team like Belgium has the talent to go out here and play some really nice stuff so I could surprising a lot of people.


Wow, never saw this coming. Strange appointment imo


So forget about him being incredibly sturbbon and not accepting that he needs to change the team when things aren’t going well? He does not put emphasis on the defensive side of the game, it’s all good playing open attacking football but when the defense is disjointed and open as well then it’s no good particularly at international level.

Then there’s the fact he’s absolutely full of shit and speaks like a PR guy, his antics wore thin at Everton not to talk of a team with world class players throughout it.

Very optimistic way if looking at it.




Still can’t believe we lost to these shitbags in the last WC.


Lost 2-0 to Spain. Silva’s brace.