Robert Pirès


Great interview with Pirès. You can see he really loves this club!


‘The next step would be to become a sporting director, that what I want and Arsène knows it.’

Interesting quote. Popular thing to say these days, and maybe it’s overrated to say too, but it’s a option to get some more football people/old-players involved in official positions. They do have to have the right skills obviously.


Absolutely loved this bloke as a player.


Up there with my favourite Arsenal players ever and scored one of my favourite Arsenal goals ever against Villa



A Robert Pires thread… I feel like there’s a picture I should be posting


I will be truly in awe if anyone has had the opportunity to be graced in such a man’s presence.


I was just reading @will24’s post in the idols thread about Pires and then went off reading up a bit about him. How Wenger let a 32 year old Robert Pires walk away from the club when he would have stayed had we just offered him another year on his contract I will never understand. It has to rank as one of Wengers biggest ever mistakes.

Also if you feel like shedding a tear have a read of his memories of the final in Paris. :frowning:


I don’t feel like Wenger made a lot of mistakes during that time. We replaced him with a excellent younger player in Rosicky. Sadly his career did not really came off the ground after that injury in 07/08.


Robert Pirès lived an difficult moment after the CL final. It’s impossible to understand the delusion and the angry which he felt for Arsène, despite he was a father figure. Probably is better when there is a “sentimental distance” with other manager, with the respect of the roles, because when you are too mental and heart connected with your boss, his choices tend to ruin the relationship.

Now I’m happy to see them with the smile on them faces. Robert probably tried and has removed the bad memories and Arsène tried and has accepted his " toxic - and probably right - emotions" after that day.



I fucking love that goal so much


Fuck I loved that goal, was watching with of my mates watching and just burst into laughter with how good Arsenal was at the time.


£6m :arteta:


How much would he be worth in his prime in today’s market??


50-60M no doubt.


When I think about it he is easily my favourite Arsenal player of all time. Quite a weird choice considering the options available ha


What would he be worth in today’s market ? What Did Di Maria go for to United ? I’d say about that.


It feels almost rude not to say Henry, Bergkamp or Adams but I’m with you on this one.


He is up there with the greats like Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira and Ljundberg, as part of the greatest attacking line up in Europe.