Rob Holding

Confirmed by Arsenal :slight_smile:

Welcome Rob!


Very efficient @Bl1nk :slight_smile:

The last sentence in the article in says: We remain in the market, so stay close to for any further transfer news.



Hahaha. That last sentence from the announcement. ‘We remain in the market.’ Get the fuck outta here. Fucking cunts. What are they trying to do? I feel like this club is really starting to take the piss.

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It’s ridiculous that they even need to say that after making one first team signing with weeks to go. Of fucking course you should still be in the market. Cunts.

Home kit look very nice worn

Wait til you get a president who releases statements in big print at the top of the clubs home page saying your star players are staying and then sells them 24hrs later…

Anyone see how they announced it on Twitter? Class!


And Wenger loves his interceptions.

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I feel as though they should’ve saved that trick for someone like Higuain…

Welcome Rob, a talented player!

Also note at the bottom of the Rob Holding article on it says

“We remain in the market, so stay close to for any further transfer news.”

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Interceptions are often a good indicator of a good quality defender. I’m not interested in how many tackles you make, I like to know you can read the game well and get in before anything


It’s justified, any time Arsenal make any kind of social media post it’s greeted with all the insane fanatics screaming for signings and complaining about everything under the sun. So yeah I can understand why they would add that disclaimer.

Seriously he’s getting the #16 shirt? Running out of first team numbers for a new striker unless we’re going for Icardi and letting him have one of those stupid Italian numbers.

Coupled with his assuredness on the ball, he’s got potential to be quality.

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Watching his first interview, I had one impression: this guy, despite his age and his experience, isn’t shy. He looks very smart, not under pressure in front of a camera.

Rob will make us happy, I’m sure.

Considering the amount of people behaving as if Rob is be all & end all of all transfers, that last statement seemed appropriate.

Finally! Welcome to Arsenal Rob! :slight_smile:

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But if you don’t sign anyone, which is a real probability considering we are Arsenal, it only looks more stupid.

Maldini always said “if I have to make a tackle, I’ve already made a mistake.” That said, he and Nesta were the King of possession winning slide tackles. Baresi would just come in like a battering ram and he’d have it before you even knew your team mate had tried a pass.