Rob Holding (16)


Not too much to worry about. He was playing without a real senior partner at the back.


Hopefully, either that or he’s not as good as people first thought, he looked pretty ropey against Chelsea in the CS as well


I’m a big fan of the kid but he had a mare tonight, Mustafi/ Kos/ Monreal back 3 when everyone is healthy ( if that ever happens )


It really isn’t his fault tbh the fact that the back three had two FB’s in it and looked disjointed as hell was a collective problem.

I actually felt sorry for Holding out there because they weren’t helping him and no one was organising.

It’s easy to see fault with Holding when in fact the lack of tactical discipline and nous is what hurt us the most.


Our back 3 tonight was as makeshift as it’ll ever be, can’t blame holding for that


I’m pretty sure Holding, Monreal and Kolasinac don’t have much pitch time together. Was a disaster waiting to happen in a way, we did well to get away with 3.

All 3 of those players individually can defend, we’ve seen that. Collectively tonight they sucked


He was certainly left holding the bag during this match. :giroud3:


That doesn’t account for his shoddy passing and lack of composure under pressure. He’s a great young player but he’s going to cost out points throughout the season if we need to rely on him for a prolonged period.


Hope he doesn’t feel down today. He is still learning.


Lack of composure under pressure and shoddy passing, like he was the only one in the defence that was culpable of that.

As I said singling him out is weird as the back three were collectively nervy and far from convincing.


Don’t get me wrong the buck stops with Wenger and I’m not blaming the collective shit storm that was our defending tonight on Holding. I just think that it’s ridiculous to put him in that position in the first place. Despite what our fans think he’s still a young player with a lot of development ahead of him and it’s unrealistic to put him in a back three with 2 full backs and expecting him to perform.

The FA Cup final was one thing but I don’t want to see Holding consistently taken out of his comfort zone because as tonight showed, the young man just isn’t ready yet.


people are pointing out that he was useless today because he was, even though our defense as a whole wasn’t that great he was our worst player individually today, still only young and will make more mistakes in the future but he definitely has the potential to be great, Vardy destroyed him today though


I don’t disagree with you, but if the senior centre backs keep getting injured, or aren’t available for another reason like Mustafi (fitness), he is going to play.


Shock horror 21 yr old defender with no other natural CBs next to him doesnt have the best game. He’s quality for his age but needs a Koscielny or Per next to him.


Yes he was awful on Friday, i just hope Wenger doesnt hide him away now

Keep him playing and let him get his confidence back that way


I really think so many people just don’t get it when it comes to judging defenders. Includes Liverpool football club as a whole.

Luckily, most good top flight managers do. That includes Wenger but he doesn’t really do anything with the information.

So many people share Redknapp’s outlook, but just listen to what Carragher says. Stick Maldini in Holding’s shoes there, and I bet he has a bad game also. SIck and tired of saying it again and again.


The amount of world class defenders that would come into our setup and look ordinary whilst getting exposed multiple times a season would make your head spin.

Key reason as to why Wenger really should have gone out on a high.


I remember when every man and his dog said we should get Chris Samba. Peak

:arteta: :coq: :mustafi: :poldi:


The development of youngsters is never linear. He will have bad patches. If he doesn’t stagnate like every other British talent we had over the past five years or so.


He needs to sit out a couple of games if not a month or two. If his confidence was at a low after Leicester, it will be completely done after this Liverpool game. Sooo many mistakes today.