Rob Holding (16)


Loved this moment. In your face Costa!


That was excellent wasn’t it, shows he’s not going to get bullied by anyone. The lad has potential, want to see him with a full season under his belt with the first 11 and we then see if he’s going to be the real deal. But he’s been our best find in many a year. Let’s hope he doesn’t piss off in a few years time and joins City or something if he comes good.


Just hope he isn’t loaned out like Cambers who had a very good first season with us as well.


Wenger has to take the gamble on him early and I’m confident he will. 1st choice defender for sure if we persist with a back 3, if it’s back to a back 2 then things might be different but there are enough games for some defensive rotation next season


Absolutely agree @Robin_L. He should be first choice from now on (in a back three, we really should stick with this formation), but rotated thoughtfully as to avoid running him into the ground.


If he is good enough to tame the likes of Costa, help us win the FA cup and the last games of the season he is good enough to be 1st on the team sheet from now on. If wenger (if he is still here) benches him after all of these performances and makes him lose his confidence than he is nothing but a fucking idiot and deserves a sanchez wedgie!


Link in case anyone wants to buy it. :smile:


Looks cool but who would actually buy/wear it?


What the fuck is that. Thats sctually tottenham dvd levels.


Nah, its nowhere near the same thing. That was the actual club who released an official DVD ffs. This is just a fan trying to make a few quid from a memorable moment. Good luck to him. :slight_smile:


my bad!


Bit cringey.


reddit’s finest.


At the moment the only two reasons I’m interested in next season at all are the prospect of some new European travels and Rob Holding.


poorlydrawnarsenal find him on twitter and insta


already follow :slight_smile:


He had a bit of trouble getting Ramsey right a few months back…



Didn’t look great today, got a long way to go before we can be can be confidant he’s cut out for
This level of football


Kid’s far too green. Some fans need to come down to earth a little regarding his place in this team.