Rick & Morty


Anyone watch this show? I’d love to discuss the April 1st surprise episode. Been talking about it with anyone who’ll listen so I thought I’d give it a shot here too, seeing as there’s so little Arsenal-related stuff that feels worth posting about at this particular juncture.


Is that the episode about mcdonalds and the special chicken nugget sauce? Lol i don’t watch but I’ve read about it.


It’s his entire story arc.


Oh I’m a grown man i don’t watch cartoons.


Oh its okay you can watch it its on ‘Adult’ Swim :P. But to be honest I think cartoons for older audiences are seeing something of a golden age. 80% of Rick & Morty would fly over the heads of kids, and its not thr only cartoon aimig to do that.

And yes its about the 1998 Mcdonalds special Mulan promotional Szchezwuan dipping sauce xD.


Yeah lol I’ve tried to watch some of these shows but they just are not funny imo.


Woooo 3rd season premieres July 30th.


Hey mate, fucking love this show. Can’t wait for the new shit!


Love this show!


When it comes to cartoons Archer is and always will be number 1



They should stream the new season in an hour.


Pickle Rick was just fucking incredible.


“What do you think is in the syringe?” :grin: