Reinier Jesus

Supposedly in contact over this guy…looks a prospect but a lot of clubs are looking at him. Supposed to be the next big thing.

According to who? I thought his deal with mi Atléti (:heart:) was basically wrapped up.

just rumour mills in general (daily mail has picked up on it also yes i know it is a shit source)…as i say lots of clubs are looking at him, but we got martinelli and edu could very well be a big help in the negotiations. It is in the rumour mill because it is just that a rumour. We have apparently been in contact with his dad (dont know if the dad is his agent or not) are supposedly the frontrunners…but the sources are not good at best

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Keep the pipeline going, Edu!

Question to all - how does the Brexit and EU and “home grown” rules affect what we can do around this? I know last time I played FM, I ran into this issue b/c I love to stockpile young players from around the world.

Heard he’s the new Kaka not that I’ve seen him play, nor am I going to click on that YouTube comp to find out… :hipster:

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I’ve heard he’s the new Leandro Damião.


Not even the same position bruh!

Online football scouter level 0 :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3:

I heard he’s the next big thing and touted as the “future of Brazil”. Some people even calling him the next Kaka. Although I thought Atletico Madrid had this signing wrapped up already


It just went right past you didn’t it? :wenger2:

I think my response went right past you. :grimacing:

Anyways, agreed @Sol, I’ve read that along with Rodrygo Goes Osasco, Vinicius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior and Talles Magno Bacelar Martins he is to form the golden generation of Brasil, and barring any unexpected last developments the one touted as “The Next Kaka” has had a member of his entourage confirm that he shall join his future golden generation teammates in Madrid, albeit on the red and white side, shortly.

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If he joined Arsenal, he could be the one to replace Pires


Not sure if there is any truth in the Ziyech link, but if we have to pay €50 million for a midfielder I’d rather go and get Isco :eyes:.