Red Dwarf

So there’s a new season due out this month on the channel Dave.

Hope this one will be funny, which will depend if it actually has both writers. Haven’t checked to see if it does yet. The hardest thing to come to terms with is how old they all look. Nothing worse than watching an old man running about like a twenty-something.

Fuckin yeeessss!!!

Looking forward to this just finished watching them all again so some new dwarf is always welcomed.

But i belive its just naylor written these again dont know why grant wont return tho.

Oh dear. Naylor going solo is basically just slap stick with b-side jokes.

I don’t know which series had which combination / absence of writers, but for me the only really disappointing series was the one without Chris Barrie in it.

Yeah Rimmer is pretty irreplaceable. But I thought that series was not bad considering. The jokes were decent enough, although perhaps slightly on the wane. I think I am referring to the last series which had the old Red Dwarf crew, such as Captain Hollister back in it. All the clever jokes and clever storylines had gone.

Has anyone actually watched this yet? If so, thoughts?

Haven’t watched it yet, as I heard it was dogshit. :poldi:

It was a good series but some episodes felt abit rehashed and especially one that was far to close to rimmerworld. But still looking forward to the next series

The writers are Arsenal fans. ,see the episode Queeg

Thats a load of tottenham !
a steaming pile of hotspur !

Started watching again from season 9 and have nearly finished season 11. Not as bad as I remember it, would have liked to see a replacement for Holly. It’s definitely stretched thin, but every now and then there’s some gold that reminds you of the classics. But I agree with @Lister86 about the Rimmerword episode, it’s like “You already did that guys”. I’ll keep watching though. :smile:

By coincidence I met Craig Charles yesterday in the Devonshire Arms yesterday afternoon ,Lovely chap ,talked about his DJ’ing really nice fellow !


Any inside scoop on the Dwarf?

That’s fucking awesome! It’s always shit when you meet a celebrity or sports star you admire and they turn out to be a dick, but glad to hear he’s a nice chap. I just downloaded all of the Robot Wars series you guys had over there (except for the latest season from last year?) but I forgot he hosted it! Quality television at its finest!

I didnt ask him , he was like me having a ciggy outside the pub ,we got talking about his Dj ing which he was excited about and was glad I enjoyed his set at the madness do in the summmer . We then talked about toots and the maytalls and other music shit b4 I went back in and wished him luck !
As I said nice normal down to earth man .

I used to go to the same pub that he did. According to a local taxi driver Craig Charles would always exit the cab about a hundred meters from the BBC studio so that he could impress people as he walked passed them, haha.

This was the devonshire arms off of oxford st .

That was our 1st or 2nd stop on a mini pub crawl we did ahead of the Hull FA Cup final, nice pub!

Its across the street from my office

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