Reality TV

Crack on with Aussie Traitors instead mate :boomerang:

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The apprentice buy random items in random location task is one of the best episodes every year and the losing team were so horrifically bad at it :joy: I can’t believe it

Is no one watching Love Island?

Not for me anymore.

Its way past its sell by date and boring now. The fact Joey Essex is on it now says it all.

Am watching. Think they’ve shot their load a bit early with Joey Essex in week one.

Need to finish Friday’s episode.

Perhaps. Joey is quite boring anyway, because he is so media trained now given he has been on 300 reality shows.

I actually like this season so far though. I think it’s more chaotic than recent ones - all the girls are psycho, like threatening another girl for talking to her man after one day :sweat_smile:

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