Reality TV

Watched the first Australian series a while ago and enjoyed it. It’s similar to ours - as in just normal people, not reality stars like the American one. Going to start the second series later.

Only watched two or three episodes so far, but yeah I’d say it’s pretty good and worth a watch.

Cast seems larger, and they have four traitors to begin with rather than three, but otherwise so far it seems just like the UK version.

Absolutely don’t watch the US one though, it’s half normal people and half reality tv stars from shite like Survivor. My wife watched the whole thing but I tapped out after two episodes, was total shit.


I quite like a lot of the US reality shows so will still give that a go, probs will take to it more than others have.

Interested to see how it flows with ‘celebs’ in it. Probs be better if they went fully one way or the other though.

Edit: nevermind just googled the S1 cast and it’s pure shit like Cody Calafiore and Rachel Reilly from big brother. They just bounce round every fucking reality series trying to stay relevant.

Are you watching the first series or is there a second now??? I’ve felt lost ever since the final last week!

January is really Januarying

Apprentice 1st episode is always a hard watch :joy:

Crumble on the fish cakes :rofl:

Honestly, if these are the top brains in the country, god help the rest of us.

A tip. The audacity! :ooo:

The second hand embarrassment is off the scale here hahaha

A £500 pound loss :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

The guy clapping because he thought they had won. “Why you clapping?” :rofl:

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First time I have watched this in about 3 weeks

Toby is such a clown. He’s not changed at all from 2021 :joy: was funny then. Embarrassing now

Most of them seem more annoying second time round.

Did you see the other day when Georgia Harrison was upset at Casey for not reaching out after they broke up last year, and she was like “I had just had a 14 hour flight… IN ECOMOMY!” :roll_eyes:

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Callum and Molly absolutely ate Georgia up, finally all her lies have been exposed.

Finished the second season of Australian Traitors. Major spoiler ahead if you’re planning on watching it.

Bloody hell. All those hours and no one won a penny :sweat_smile: Traitors got greedy and the Faithfuls were all idiots

I finished the Second Series of Australian Traitors on Sunday. For anyone who enjoyed the UK Series, it isn’t as good but would definitely recommend watching…

Major Spoilers…
@Phoebica Completely agree with you…the Faithfuls were really, really bad, with the exception of Annabele and Luke who were spot on in identifying the two traitors…What was so funny was that after Annabele was banished and Luke was murdered and told the rest what to do and who the two traitors were, the others completely ignored them. All of them ignored Sam as being the obvious traitor in the room and for some reason they decided to vote for another random Faithful! It was ridiculous at the end when Sarah voted for Liam! At least he clocked Sam was a traitor at the end! Then Sarah didn’t even work it out when she was in the final four that the other three were all traitors!!! I really liked the ending and wonder if those circumstances occur with the UK version whether they would do the same…

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Fk me, just catching up on love island from yesterday. G done all that shit for a week and it’s all forgiven inside 20 mins wtf.

If a guy had done that shit we’d be hearing about it for weeks. Hope she at least gets voted off soon, not like she’ll have made a decision before the final anyway.

Yeah so just catching up with Love Island too over last few days. I’m not believing any of these couples.

The final is in less than 2 weeks you know? and I feel like nothing has happened. All Stars is rubbish. Josh said Georgia was there for the likes, but they all bloody are. Georgia feels nothing for Anton, she is staying with him to stay in the show. Arabella fancies all the guys. Chris is just ick.

Tom and Molly might last a little while. She is defo a relationship girl. But none of this lot will go the distance. They’ve all just been wasting our time.

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Wes Nelson coming back to love island as a VIP guest when his ex is in the “all star” villa was awkward as fuck :joy::joy: not gonna lie.

It was cringe. She has been out with hotter and more important guys. This series is just a load of crap.

I have hardly watched it tbf but it kills an hour when its needed.