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Second hand embarrassment was real lol I really hope we get a new presenter for January :joy:

Laura has had her time.

Didn’t actually notice Luca’s reaction to Ekin and Davide winning.


Davideeeeee :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

5 minutes outside the house and she’ll be shagging every bloke that comes her way while Andrew films it and apologises for not getting all the right angles.

Absolute wash of a couple, not surprised they came 4th.


Not even close


You love to see it!

That has to be the biggest win percentage in love island history? :joy::joy:

Turkish surnames can be a bit mental but her’s is something else


I think it’s the second biggest, when Dani Dyer won she had around 70% or more, from what I saw online.

Still, amazing support for Ekin-Su and Davide!

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Apparently Elon Su has 1m followers on Twitter and can charge around 10k a tweet moving forwards.

@Sol :eyes:

There is a reunion show on tomorrow at 9pm. They filmed it on Tuesday I think



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Was about to say, Coco gets around. Apparently her and Summer fell out because Coco made comments about having a connection with Josh and wanting to sleep with him. And obviously Summer and Josh are getting to know each other.

Always knew that Coco was a knob.

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Apparently the person who uploaded the message to social media was supposed to reword it. I wonder if they’re now looking for a new job.


“we’re even more disappointed that the only replacements we’ve been offered are Danica, Adam or Billy”

“…it’s not worth replacing her with someone no one cares about”


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Adam violating Jacques :joy: @Phoebica @JakeyBoy @Sol @SRCJJ


Good. Especially good if the reports of Jacques being a bully are true.

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ITV2 are giving them a show where they travel around Italy and Turkey :joy:

Those two are going to make so much money off the back of Love Island. Ekin-Su in particular. She has already landed the biggest fashion contract a Love Island contestant has ever been given. I read that she is the most in demand contestant ever. All the reality shows want her as well - I’m A Celeb etc.

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Lol this exact scenario was literally spoken into existence all over twitter!