Rank Your Top 5 International Cuisines


WTF how do so many ppl suddenly like Turkish food? What kind of Turkish food are you lot eating if I may ask.


Turkish food is rife in the UK especially London

Best at meat dishes IMO


Börek in all its forms :drooling_face:Check it out.


well we know Luca has definitely had roast chicken!


Seasoned with anything other than lemon and garlic? Or random leaves if you are feeling adventurous?

Being serious I can only rank what I’ve tried, so here goes:

  1. Japanese
  2. Indian
  3. Mexican
  4. Italian
  5. Chinese

Honourable mention to Persian food.

Main things on my next to try list are Korean and Turkish properly.


Mainly lemon. Garlic is not really good with fish.


Turkish (Kebap), German (Kraut), Italian (Spaghetti), Japan (Fish), English (Fritter Chocolate)

Eat in that order and try not to…you know :grin:


Are fritters an English thing? :confused:


Belgian, I think. But I saw on TV that in England they are fritting even marsbars, twix and so on. And I laughed and thought by myself, that’s cool.


Guess he means fried food lulz.


Yes, that was what I mean.


Ah, that’s more of a Scottish thing. @Calum eats deep fried Mars Bars for breakfast :grin:


Like to try it, sounds not bad.


Deep fried Oreo cookies are dank af


1- Indian

never tried Thai food I need to go educated myself with some


@Phoebica, we are waiting for you list :wink: :hipster:




There’s something very poetic about “fritting marsbars” :grin:


Didn’t know Indian food was this liked.
Why the heck do I always see complains from white folks about their ass being on fire then?


The websites you visit in your spare time really are your own business.