Rank Your Top 5 International Cuisines


That means they like it so much it is worth their asses being on fire.


This is incredibly, incredibly tough… due to my pathetically geeky nature, I will provide ratings to distinguish better :facepalm:

  1. Italian - 99 (so much goodness across a spectrum of different types of food - plus, eating is a process of joy and timelessness it seems)

  2. Japanese - 98 - virtual toss-up for top spot… I love the spectrum here too… great seafood, meats, veggies, tastes and sensations, sushi… I could eat this every day which I probably couldn’t do with Italian without dying early

  3. Iranian - 94 - I use Iranian as proxy, but there is really a mix of middle-eastern foods that are just diabolically good… also could eat just about every day and not get tired of the options and goodness

  4. Indian - 93 - amazing flavors, tastes and textures and styles - regional diversity is amazing… also if I had to go vegetarian, I would look to eat Indian food multiple times per week, if not more.

  5. French - 92 - love French food, but a bit heavy and saucy at times… to be fair, there is a decent amount of diversity here and in the US there are a lot of high-end French restaurants - I guess just a lot of very top-notch chefs trained in traditional French… not a big fan of “game” food, so that knocks down French/German a bit for me, even though I love both cuisines.

Honorable Mention: b/c I grew up very influenced by my Swedish heritage and we have a massive, long, and perfectly traditional Swedish Christmas dinner on the Eve, this is near and dear to my heart and I love it beyond anything else for that one day of the year.


I am completely unqualified to rank International cuisines but I am slowly building up a wishlist lately

Tibetian Thupka


Ethopian Platter

Aiming to get these in my tummy in 2018

I also had a taste of beef & pork this year. So I am gonna try different variant of them.


Yamas brother!:beers::grinning:


You good man :wink:



Greek and Spanish just miss out, answering this on a different day and either might be able to topple Thai. The top four listed are absolutely locked in for me, peerless grub.

Don’t rate Chinese at all.

I’m developing a real taste for sushi lately I must say.


Yeah I had trouble leaving Greek and Mexican out. Love them both too, probably at 91 ish.


Just for you:

Good old classic British (toad in the hole, shepherd’s pie etc) :grin:

They’re all places I have been to and experienced. I still enjoy eating those top 4 cuisines in sunny ol’ England but it’s never as good, is it?!


One word… köfte.


Vietnamese is underrated, good shout with that. Phó for the win.


I didn’t expect to see Mexican as well represented as it is here.


Vietnamese (practically lived on bun cha and pho when I went there)

Indian (Brought up on the stuff from a young age)

Traditional and modern Scandinavian (this year I ate smalahove for the first time, it was fantastic!)

Japanese (you’ve not had sushi u til you’ve had sushi in Japan)

Philippine (take everything above and put it all together)


I knew you did like good cuisine :kos2: