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Why not :trossard:

Slow burner


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This hurts my head reading this exchange.

Will reread later.

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Can anyone make sense of what sort of mental health awareness Rio is talking about?
Absence of smiley on happy meal? What?

It sounds like McDonald’s is doing some PR work, softening their image by sponsoring a mental health awareness campaign, with the removal of the smiley face on a Happy Meal box symbolising the campaign, and apparently serving as a conversation starter for people with their kids. Seems like a load of bollocks, but quite straightforward to understand.

I’d respect Ferdinand doing this a bit more if I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me McDonald’s Happy Meals in the process.

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In the 4th tier of Dutch football . . .


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what a legend. of sorts.


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Easy, Antony.

Kaka against United, no?

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Apologies, got it wrong, that is definitely Antonio Nunez.

I don’t know why I thought Paolo Wanchope for Derby at Old Trafford lol :laughing:


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One of the greatest CL goals. Just so ridiculous how good he was in his prime it’s insane lol

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It was an outrageous goal, it’s engraved in my memory. He made Heinze and Evra look like bums.
That Man Utd team won the league that season if I recall correctly, and Kaka deservedly won Ballon D’Or that year.

And we done the double over them :grinning: