Random football stuff

Nah thats an only fans model who pretends to be an “insert club” fan :joy:


Good research Cal. :white:


Fucking twitter is full of them! Under every post honest :jorginho:

This was quote tweeted constantly on Sunday :joy:



These hoes man :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

hahaha that is really something else

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Hard to blame these girls for playing the field.
We have to blame the men who blow money on these girls despite porn being free to view.


So…how did David Moyes get a tune out of this guy. Fucking mystery that.

Low key there’s a bit of a managerial race

Barcelona, Liverpool, Bayern, Chelsea, Man United all potentially changing manager at the end of the season.


One of PL mid-table manager will hit a good paycheck.

Yeah definitely - someone like De Zerbi will get a fat paycheck

Yup, so many cuck’s.

These attention seeking hussies are penetrating every single part of social media and pretty much every genre of anything you can imagine that it’s becoming more difficult to escape them.
I don’t have any personal social media, I have a business page on instagram and even that is becoming saturated with shite now.

No doubt.

Some even get laid for free… so no way anyone should pay for online porn.

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